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Thursday, December 2nd 2010, 4:11am

CLG winning Newegg Wanfest

Counter Logic Gaming won the Newegg Wanfest Tournament after an exhausting 5 hour lasting finals series.
Since the korean team OverPower came out of the lower bracket they had to win two bo3 against CLG. OP won the first bo3 suprisingly 2-0 with an awesome champion combination and then got defeated 1-2 by CLG in the second bo3.

Championship Round 1

Overpower as [Taric, Shen, Anivia, Sivir, Shaco]
< game 1 >
Counter Logic Gaming as [Pantheon, Zilean, Warwick, Garen, Chogath]

Overpower as [Sona, Taric, Gragas, Sivir, Shaco]
< game 2 >
Counter Logic Gaming as [Kennen, Corki, Olaf, Shen, Blitzcrank]

< game 3 not played >

Championship Round 2

Overpower as [Sion, Shen, Corki, Sivir, Shaco]
< game 1 >
Counter Logic Gaming as [Miss Fortune, Annie, Rammus, Gragas, Warwick]

Overpower as [Sion, Janna, Corki, Pantheon, Rammus]
< game 2 >
Counter Logic Gaming as [Anivia, Garen, Warwick, Tristana, Taric]

Overpower as [Gragas, Shaco, Ashe, Sion, Sona]
< game 3 >
Counter Logic Gaming as [Sivir, Garen, Warwick, Annie, Taric]

Check out our interview with CLGaming after winning the Newegg Wanfest Tournament! Since the games aren't recorded I've tried to focus around the actual games. (GSL predictions inside!)

First of all congratz to you guys! The series seemed pretty exhausting with 5 games played in a row. How do you feel after winning the last bo3 2-1?

ReginaId: After winning the tournament, I definitely think that CLG isn't the complete dominate team. IMO we still have a lot of things to work on.

bigfatjiji: Feels like we cant sleep for awhile, even though its already 4:30am.

What do you think about patching LoL with significant changes to the game right before important finals? Did it surprise you or didn't it change anything at all?

bigfatjiji: I don't think it actually was that significant during our games.

Chauster: I think patching LoL with these changes right before a tourney only shows that riot doesn't particularly cater towards the competitive edge of the community.

Seems like Sivir was the game changer? Why wasn't she banned the whole series?

Chauster: No one has ever run Sivir in 5s in the greater part of the last 6 months, no one knew her potential. After losing 2 games we singled out the reason for our loss and capitalized on it.

Going through all the games now why did you lose game 1? Was it just Sivir surprising you?

Elementz: Sivir played a large factor in that game, but I believe we were just massively out picked that game. We didn't have a team setup to counter theirs. They had Anivia as well so it made pushing against them impossible even with Pantheon back dooring on bottom lane.

ReginaId: I wasn't there, but mainly bad picks IMO.

Chauster: We lost because we were unable to capitalize in the early game that we had the advantage in. As a result the enemy team farmed for over 40 minutes before taking the first inhibitor. Obviously a late game Pantheon 40+ minutes into a game pales in comparison to an Anivia and Sivir who become gods late game and we lost at the one hour mark.

What do you think about game 2?

Elementz: Same deal but in a different sense. They banned Janna and managed to take Sona and Taric making for an extremely strong duo lane bottom. Then they also had Sivir and Corki farming a lot in both their solo lanes. They had 2 super carries with 2 super supports. Simply out picked once again.
We actually managed to gank Shaco at our red and get first blood but it wasn't enough to snowball us into the lead vs that team.

HotshotGG: Game 2 we picked Blitz and Olaf together. We had a great early game but we just didn't have the jungle potential to take advantage of that. That and I missed a lot of hooks :(

Chauster: The game was progressing well until we lost a major team fight up top as we picked off an oracle touting Shaco. However there was some miscommunication and instead of taking the advantage we engaged in a 4v5 out of position and lost that fight. Instead of coming out with an advantage we lost the fight AND lost the unseen baron after. That is what costs us game 2!

How did you feel after losing the first series? Were you surprised by the strength of the Koreans?

Elementz: It felt crappy to lose the first one but that seems to be a trend on our team =P. Lose the first matches that doesn't count and then when we only have 1 or 2 game left to win, it's all we do!

Vodoo: Yeah, you're pretty used to losing the first game in the NA Finals and the Grand Finals : D!

Elementz: That's for sure XD

Chauster: :D

Did you actually talk after the first set about your mistakes? And what did you get out of it? What had to be changed in the second set?

Elementz: We learned that we can't let them get multiple supports with these big time farming types of champions. Regardless of the supports and ranged carries being nerfed they're still very strong when put together. So just like always we learn and adapt to the team we're playing. This time it just took longer to adjust.

Chauster: We talked about the game and realized that even though we had some major advantages early game, we were losing because sivir was too hard to kill with well played support and multiple dps threats on the same team. The champs needed to counter the team OP were champs we usually do not play so we didn't want to risk playing champs we weren't that familiar with.

For our little summoners, what can give them as tips to analyze a game correctly?

ReginaId: My number 1 advice to players is to make smart decisions.

Elementz: Realize your mistakes. Don't take it badly when your team calls you on on something, they are most likely just trying to let you know and help you realize your mistake. Having fights while in game or after is never good for team morale.

Chauster: Ask yourself why, and try to guess the answer to "why". Everything happens in the game for a reason, the sad thing is that most players always blame others when in fact you can take actions yourselves to prevent certain outcomes from happening.

Going onto game 1 in the second set (game 3) what went wrong there? You analyzed all your mistakes but still lost it.

ReginaId: We made a huge mistake early game, where we fought at Shaco boxes, and lost at that point. Team OP capitalized on our mistakes and won.

Chauster: In the second set we lost the level 1 team fight. 3 of our champs died, and almost all of our summoners were wasted. At this level of play such an advantage just cant be overlooked so we lost.

Elementz: We were just too far behind after that level 1 team fight as Chauster said. The game uncontrollably snowballed from there.

They basically snowballed through the game, given this fact do you think LoL early game has too much impact (more then the mid game)?

Chauster: The early game has way more impact than any other part of the game, but I don't feel like it has too much impact in the game for most players. However at the top level this is definitely true since the difference between good teams and great teams are that the great teams are able to take advantage of being ahead.

Heres a user question which fits pretty well. So you lost 3 games in a row now! kyoak asks "do team personalities ever clash making it difficult to focus during a tourney match?" So did those losses make you want to blame each other?

HotshotGG: It's natural to get frustrated but we couldn't really find major flaws to why we lost. Mistakes did happen but they weren't huge game changing mistakes. We felt helpless against team OP's hero combinations.

Elementz: We generally don't bicker or yell at each other and if we do it's nothing major. They do clash sometimes but we all know it's in the heat of the moment and we don't actually mean it and I think we know that. Everyone on the team makes mistakes.

Chauster: Generally team personalities do not clash on our team because the majority of us are very level and cool headed. However we are not perfect and sometimes we get bitter and blame others for mistakes, but we don't "rage" and "dwell" on them. I would say we probably are the most level headed team, which will be surprising to many readers O_O!

ReginaId: We suffered a loss and I was demoralized. Before beginning the second game, Natalie messaged me telling me she believed I could win and I could do it.

Chauster: Heres a true pro tip: blaming others is very detrimental to winning games. The only reason you should ever blame someone is to have that player learn from their mistake and to hopefully not ever do it again. We didn't blame anyone for losing the game, but we pointed out the mistakes.

Next game was your first win during the finals, any changes to your strategy or did you just played better under the heavy pressure now? Game 4 (your first win) seemed pretty one sided time wise?

Elementz: We banned Sivir and adapted finally :D plus some good plays by our team. [Note: Elementz did not play this game, reason:] We chose to use Dan again to bait them into banning Twitch in fear of his great Twitch play. Freeing us up something to pick and wasting their ban.

ReginaId: We baited their Rammus with an oracles into a brush by dropping a ward. After ganking him, we took the early advantage because Rammus was put so far behind with his purchase of oracles. On the other hand, Dan had oracles and we began to clear their wards and ganked them several times. We took dragon, and all of their buffs- then eventually baron. By that time the game was obvious, and they let us push for the win.

Chauster: We played the early game real well since we had Taric and Garen bottom, which allowed us to take advantage of dragons early game. Also we ganked very frequently and as a result forced an early baron fight which resulted in us taking baron.

How did you feel after finally winning a game? Were you pumped for game 5?

ReginaId: With our smart bans for game 4 and our decisive victory, it raised our team moral and we came into game 5 playing our best.

HotshotGG: After winning game 4 we felt confident, we ended up winning at 17 minutes and making them forfeit.

Game 5 (your second win) seemed completely different being a really long game? Seeing the length and your scores Game 5 seemed like it was an exhausting game with an extreme cautious play on both sides?

HotshotGG: Game 5 we were very very cautious to make sure we didn't lose any kind of advantage.

ReginaId: Chauster first blooded Shaco and set the pace for the game. He had an epic ward placement and killed double buff Shaco, making our team less fearful of Shaco ganks- which lead to our lane dominance.

Another user question from Hahehiho: "do you think the metagame is changing towards the right way with every patch riot is releasing and what do you think of the upcoming nerfs to ranged heroes and AoE?"

Elementz: I think they're taking a step in the right direction but it will take time to truly see how the changes they have made will pan out.

Chauster: I don't think these patch changes have changed anything significantly for teams and their preferred composition. making small nerfs to range carry and liz slow isn't going to make teams second guess their ranged carry in favor of melee. Also I don't believe there is a "right" metagame, whatever works works.

HotshotGG: In regards to ranged heroes being nerfed I think they should make more gradual changes. Nerfing 50% of the slow on lizard feels like a bit too much for one patch. There were no "AoE nerfs", Riot nerfed a few underplayed AoE champions.

Do you think jungle is too strong and should be weakened?

Chauster: I am too used to jungling being a staple in all games. No one likes change, so of course I don't think anything is wrong with the jungling aspect of the game. I play what works, and jungling works.

Who will win GSL?


Chauster: wtf is gsl :D

HotshotGG: I think Nestea has a good shot at winning the GSL but we'll have to see.

Many <3<3<3 to you actually coming after such an exhausting series (~5 hours)! Wish you the best luck and think Im seeing you after the next big tournament!


Thursday, December 2nd 2010, 4:13am




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Thursday, December 2nd 2010, 4:18am

Congratulations :thumbsup:


Thursday, December 2nd 2010, 4:40am

Well done! Sad that theres no more recordings?


Thursday, December 2nd 2010, 5:24am

Screen of score?

Anyway GG


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Thursday, December 2nd 2010, 5:36am






GJ keep on winning
hypothetical high five

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Thursday, December 2nd 2010, 3:12pm

good job guys - I was on a team for this tournament and didnt even play a game. I think they crashed out vs OP cause they were in our bracket. Awesome job VoDoo posting this as well.




Friday, December 3rd 2010, 1:39am

does anyone know what the BANS were??

good joob guys!!



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Friday, December 3rd 2010, 11:51am

Congratulation CLG another victory!
For League of Legends Latest And Most Recent News Like


Saturday, December 4th 2010, 3:48pm

Were the games actually recorded?
If yes, will the VoDs be up any time soon?




Sunday, December 5th 2010, 7:44am


Anyone know sivir's build @ tournament? : D

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