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Thursday, May 5th 2011, 9:51pm


What is better a roaming Alistair or an AP Alistair? Which one is better for ranked?


Thursday, May 5th 2011, 11:56pm

In my Eyes Alistar was and is the best Roamer and since the last patch he is also a rly good jungler but AP-Ali outshines those two by far i think he is just OP and i am pretty sure Riot will nerf his ratios soon. So if you want a freewin in ranked go play ap.

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Friday, May 6th 2011, 12:33pm

Um, weird as hell comparison? If you really want to play a roaming Alistar and an AP Alistar, put the two together, and, wow, my god, it's a roaming AP Alistar.

If we're talking about viability options for the two, roaming Alistar is pretty strong in early rank. But once you reach higher ELO rank, people actually (gasp) get good enough to start warding, and roaming's gonna be a bitch to pull off since they know where you are at all times. Better roamers/junglers end up being invis champs unless if you can get out an early oracle.

As for AP Alistar, I personally am somewhat against it. His Q and W are his only source of damage, and they have long cooldowns/limited damage. Adding AP for his weak heal is... not really an option. Then there's the problem with farming, where you're gonna have a pretty hard time solo or end up giving up lane to a duo partner, so good luck getting all that money for items. Maybe I suck with AP Alistar or something, but I usually just end up relying on my CC's for team/lane presence versus damage, ending up building support/tank. But, at the very least, I guess you can get away with stacking extra damage since your Ult basically makes you invincible.

Granted, I haven't tried out Alistar farming/jungling that much with his changed passive, so farming and jungling may be better options now. But, even now, somehow... the idea of Alistar jungling makes me want to shake my head.


Tuesday, May 10th 2011, 6:34am

Does anyone know which kind of masteries and runes ReginaId uses on WCG semifinal match, playing Alistair?

Thank you


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