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Thursday, May 5th 2011, 6:50pm

Don't forget Karma!

So lately I've been playing Karma ALOT, trying out new builds, and I have come to the conclusion that she is a GREAT support champion, and possibly viable for high elo matches.

My normal build starts out like this:
9 0 21
Flash Ghost or Teleport Ghost/Flash
(2x Faerie Charm 1x HP Pot 1x Mana Pot) -> (build into 2x Philosopher's Stones and get Ionian Boots of Lucidity) -> (Glacial Shroud and Shurelia's Reverie Aegis of the Legion)
That is just the core build, but depending on what I'm playing against I go with Morello's Evil tome or Archangel's Staff... but thats a whole different story..

Anyways here is why I think shes so great...

Early game:
  • Great harass with Mantra + E dealing heavy AOE damage and you can target your minions.
  • Fast auto attack, making it easy to farm creeps
  • Great for chasing with W and good synergy with mele champs.

Mid game:
  • With good CD reduction you can use mantra VERY often
  • Basically change a teamfight with Mantra + W and Mantra + Q for heal and shield + heavy AOE damage
  • Can farm creeps with a cheep skill combo and +10g / 10s with Philly stones

End game:
  • If you build tanky, you're almost an offtank with good shield and heal on yourself
  • High cd reduction with mantra spamming skills
  • Has a slow and W stays latched on to people like Shaco

Well... these are just my thoughts xD how about you guys? Do you think shes playable?


Friday, May 6th 2011, 12:05am

The only Problem i see here is that you are talking about farming. Usually you get very little farm as a supporter (or even no farm @ all) and without items champs like janna taric zilean or soraka are way better then a karma without items. However i like to play her as a (semi-troll) full ap-carry ... its really funny to baid people with spellvamp and 400+ ap.


Sunday, May 15th 2011, 7:55pm

I think his major problems are Cooldowns, I think she's playable but not competitive, Janna or Soraka do more the job as Support, the shield is very good though.
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