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Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:17pm

Do you like us Australian clg fans?
-no opinion. id think australian clg fans are the same as every other region fans

Do you think Dignitas' play was significantly weaker in the finals vs TSM than in your semi-final matches?
-yes they were sloppy and made bad decisions

youve said previously that clgeu are too predictable. curse played the exact same comps throughout the tourney, which i think you guys knew. how big of a factor was it in their loss to you guys? and will it be a problem for clgeu at world champs?
-pretty big since we were able to predict their picks to the T

you guys being back = more content?
-yes im tired of korea

which teams did you usually scrim with in kor? which teams will you scrim with now?
-we scrimmed almost all of them except for azubu. we wil probably scrim the non grand final teams and clg black

teams throwing shirts and oranges into crowd. do they force you to do that? team's stuff or your stuff?
-not really. its the events stuff

is running ashe with tp for arrow ganks viable at all?
-its viable but kinda dumb imo l0l. if anything tp ashe is more viable for ganking from behind with permaslow which is something i just thought of l0l

why was jax picked so little in the tourney?
-ppl r dumb

When is it safe to pick Tryndamere in a team comp or vs a certain team comp?
-vs low amounts of slow and in a top lane matchup where he can do well against

Do you know if there is any LOL pro team that are friends with TSM? They seem to harass other teams like Dig and CLG. I wonder who will be willing to hang out with them besides their own crap fans
-i think crs is generally friends with them

why didnt u guys get crumbz and let hs stay in top ?
-hs top isnt versatile at all

If they buffed Xerath's ulti, like 10 second less CD every rank, do would he would finally come into the scene?
-i think once a top ap mid picks xerath up and realizes his potential he will be ont he scene

are becca and hotshot still together?

Favourite movie?
-dark knight

Do you think you can play Kog'Maw in high elo?

regi: it was the easiest final of our lives
Do you think it's ok if that was his honest opinion or there is no way to talk like that?
-its the truth so of course

How strong is MVP White? They just 3-0 TPA in Battle Royal.
-if they had mvp dandy he is the greatest map controller in the world l0l

How much time did it take you to answer all these new questions since the laste time you answered?
-probably an hour or 2

1. What do u think about ad quints on swain (especially against melee champions). When im trying to zone my opponent midlane i often miss cses so it will help me, also I can harras with autos better with that and e dmg boost works on ad dmg too.
-its ok if you have that much trouble last hitting

2. Why tsm always wins with dig? Is it metter of playstyle?
-playstyle. regi just shits on scarra mid and tsm bot lane is stronger and oddone can play cookie cutter counter junglers while regi shits on scarra so dominate gets fucked. lulz

On the other hand clg playstyle is also somewhat passive early game(when u dont play this 15 tp 10 promote thing), but u can win with tsm. Why is that?
-we are used to jiji losing lane and somehow jiji does well vs regi generally. that and generally our bot lane will win and our top lanes will go even. basically our playstyles are more competitive while tsm kinda counters dig inherently

What will you guys be working on now for the finals? More new strats or practicing standard play?
-standard play is probably gone

Also, what is your goal for the World Championships, top 5?
-we will practice for rank 1. if we fail we tried

chauchau melee like jax , how to lane against olaf with E max first?
-pretty sure if jax stuns olaf he gets evenish trades and post 6 jax trades are insane. need to play well and always have nice exchanges and not give olaf free QE nukes. if that happens once or twice youve already lost lane. if youre both filled to full and you do your ulti lvl 6 proc and stun him hes already chunked to 40% and you win lane unless he ultis and goes even but he will still lose in the next trade once your E is up again

and what counters jax and olaf


Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:17pm

what are you guys going to do now?

Do you think the fact you guys were in korea you guys forgot how Na teams worked?

Do you guys ask tips from on what to do against TSM?

TSM always does the same thing early aggresion at buffs for months but no NA teams have yet to counter it?

Does voyboy know how to play jayce?

Hotshot seems to always get caught while clearing wards or randomly walking


Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:18pm

Do the benched players for S3 also get a salary or no?


Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:24pm

Can u elaborate how MVP dandy plays?

You said u guys wont be able to play poke comp, but voy can play nid or jayce and jiji can play gragas or ap lulu (imo she fits in poke comp)


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Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:27pm

Do you guys shit talk other teams (TSM style) before matches? Is that something that personally pump you up for a match or does it make you perform worse?

Also, were you surprised by Scarra's pre-match trash talk about TSM being weak ? I mean Scarra is usually known as a polite nice guy but he seemed different.


Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:33pm

Does your family follow CLG/LoL at all? Or are they just glad you're making money?


Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:35pm

if you had to bring a unranked to 2k using only 3 champs which would it be (no corki)

have u watched the season 5 finale of tb?


Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:36pm

wukong jungle too bad?
-clear too slow

Can u post some pax skin codes in this ama thread?

Do you agree with Hotshot saying that you would have "stomped" TSM "severely" by "outhinking them"? I personally think HS should be a bit more cautious with these statements as I really feel that he always tries to talk things better than they are. I mean, from your AMA i know that HS can be quite stubborn when it comes to discussing mistakes after a scrim - is this a similar situation?
-tbh the tp promote comp mainly stemmed from someone who asked me a question and i thought about it. they mentioned tp sivir and then i realized how i used to play sivir- like a complete asshole with TP and just bd the shit out of everything. once i stopped playing AD this never happened again esp with the sivir ricochet change since i was the only competitive sivir player but i know that sivir ultimate still makes her one of the strongest champs to tp bd. couple that with late game grouping and a split pushing promote minion its pretty OP l0l

do you think that HS feeling so confident about facing TSM might hinder you guys progressing further going into S2 finals? Do you think that HS could be tunneling on "outhinking" an opponent with alternative strats (or "cheese" as some would call it) that he might stop progressing on his standard play?
-not at all. if a team like us who arent the best in the world at playing standard have 1 month to prepare for finals why in the world would we play standard unless pride was the issue. hotshot boasting about it is kinda strange

How does CLG go about training for a tournament? Do they solely focus on their own picks/bans and strategies or do you guys study opponents and how they play and their picks/bans? Also, do you guys rewatch matches to study what went wrong and how to come up with better strats? Curious how you guys go about training.
-we just play the game and see our weaknesses and try to fix. we study opponents before tourneys; we watch replays to see our faults. strats are just randomly made

top 5 best players in the world (in general)
-i dont really know. i just know froggen is really good whes on his game

better to bloodboil kog or nunu in a teamfight?
-what the hell of course kog

hey, should dignitas have lost all their circuit points because of a no getting rid of more than 3 members of team rule? I mean they lost jatt, voyboy and locust...
-pretty sure some asshole has been sitting on bench the entire time

1. my friend is essentially set on buying a frozen heart after 2 gp10 items on sona nearly every game because in his mind the mana and cdr are the best stats possible for sona. best way to verbalize this isn't the optimal way to build every game?
-sona is too squishy with just a hog to utilize the fh (why the hell would sona be in melee range) + the gold needed to build FH is too much for a support. also emphasize that your friend is low elo and no high elo players build that to make him feel bad

2. similarly he finds that shurelya reverie is a low priority support item, best way to tell him hes wrong?
-look at pros

3. despite elementz's recent improvement did you still find that laning vs him/cop was a cakewalk? i noticed at one point he essentially completely wasted exhaust among a few other mistakes
-of course. if you actually watched bot lane in game 2 we absolutely annihilated them in exchanges because were just on another level. sounds really cocky but we played it incredibly well vs a sona corki blue side

4. when do you guys move into your house?
-next weekish

how did u guys practice your 3 tp promote comp, did you guys pratice it against korean teams? clg black?
-koreans and

Is Voyboy going to learn to play Jayce?

1. Game 1 against Dignitas near Baron, where you backed off but Jiji as Anivia went the other way and got caught and died. Cost you guys lost that fight and baron.
-jijis fault. claimed everyone flashed him and he died but he really just mispositioned

2. Game 2 against Cruse near Dragon. Two teams contested dragon and after you guys got baron, Curse engaged and you guys backed off. Jiji and HS went to top of ledge and the rest went down to bottom of ledge. You guys lost that fight and curse had 3 red champions.
-team split for no reason, would have to see replay

3. I remember there was another occasion when u guys played during Abuzu frost in OGN, jiji got splited off and died in retreating as well (as anivia and in mid bush).
-jijis fault once again. caught out of position

What is your strategy to improve positions in team fight, especially during retreating?
-we cant fix an individuals thought process. just need to smash it into the teams head that you need to focus on NOT SPLITTING RANDOMLY

How would you rate everyone on CLG at regionals 1-10?
-somewhere between 6-8 for everyone. doublelift worst since he single handedly lost us 2 games l0l

What do you want a team to consist of? AD carry, Support, Bruiser, Tank, AP carry?
-4 bruisers + AP gg

Voy playing voli soon?

What do you think about voli jungle?
-its ok i think clear speed might be too slow shrug

Why doesnt voy play hecarim often? Imo hecarim is like olaf, who charges in with even better speed/cc and zerg carries
-i dont think his hec top lane is that strong. he goes boots ionian bruta which is insanely squishy and only a dps build and can be outplayed by every single champion imo

Chauster, you say what went wrong that one game was that Doublelift died instantly as sivir which is hard to do. What I saw was something a bit different. Yes he messed up, but he almost gibbed gragas while he was killed as well. Had Voyboy ulted he wouldn't have been pushed away by Gragas, but even though he did get ulted away, he could've gone back in and at least finished Gragas and probably killed the other one or killed their nexus while fighting. You guys could've won that game but Voyboy pussed out huge.
-i watched the replay like 10x. doublelift got instagibbed by gragas rumble with flash AND both his BV shield and his CD on E up. if i was sivir i wouldve probably 2v1;'d both of them without voyboy present. all you have to do is flash the body slam and gragas is dead in the water since 2 of his 3 spells wouldve been shielded and he dies in 2 seconds. voy converges after gragas dies or zhonyas at 10% and the fight is done

Now, tell me please: What support fits Vayne well and why?
-anything that makes her able to farm. sona is best at doing this since she is aggressive and can take a lot of pressure off of vayne

in game 1 of dig vs tsm, tsm ran a comp of corki/sona/shen/shyv/morg (picks were sorta obvious but w/e)
would you think a comp of leona+xin bot, morde mid, udyr jungle, and kayle or trist top would have worked well vs them?
-yes but no one in the world would play those champs. those are counter matchups for all lanes l0l

tl;;; or am i completely off? D:
-realistically morde would assrape morgana into the ground and take her wraiths on cooldown and have udyr ward deep for morde so he could take wraiths safely without dying or have morde do his own wolves/wraiths and udyr take shyvanas wraiths on cd since morgs getting asspounded. leona xin would assrape sona corki because xin zhao is just disgusting vs ad carries at lvl 2 onwards if he can survive the blue side advantage (they wouldnt in a real game without splitting exp from jungle minions btw). trist would rape shen also and outscale all of the enemy champs. in teamfights youd have udyr as a peel and xin as an unignorable threat doing insane dmg while morde stays a huge threat and trist an even bigger threat late game with leona disrupt. the team comp is actually very good and an all in for teamfights but morg/shen/sona/shyv is also very good in dogfights. if you play the lane phase well your team comp should win

How exactly does TSM 2-0 almost everybody again?

Also do you think Oddone is most lovable member of TSM? :D
-i dont know

MF + nunu able to win lane vs any ADC + support bot lane comp? Or any counters?

Would you consider having jiji play vlad mid.
-lol hell no


Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:38pm

Also it seems like jiji was pretty vulnerable to early ganks (more so than usual) , is this because he's used to no ganks in Korea or was it "normal"?
-i dont know

Would you ever consider having a more aggressive early game, like having pre-6 ganks from jiji without tp?
-impossible if jijis losing lane

No pax sona or graves for us fans who can't attend pax or you don't have any?
-maggie took em G_G

Did hotshot really treat clg, crs, dig to nice restaurant? good Guy hs.
-not that i know of

I'm really glad you guys made it into the Season 3 Championship Series. Hopefully you guys will stream more now?

Is Curse completely out of the Season 3 Championship Series or do they have another chance to grab a slot later on this year?
-5 slots left for s3 circuit

Also, do you think that having Jiji take teleport every game would improve his play? You've commented in the past that he plays too passively and always loses lane. So, wouldn't a solution be to have him play strong pushers and just wave clear/gank other lanes with teleport?
-yes but he almost never uses tp correctly (establish a lane advantage or gank at the right times)

Sorry if it has been asked before, but what would be the basic build for Xerath mid?
-boot 2 dorans (sorc whenever you can, can be before any dorans if you town with the right gold) into situational items based on gold and matchup mids. dfg/abyssal/deathcap are mainstays

Why did you go for baron and let cait push down 2 inhibs in game 2 vs dig? That was basically why you guys lost imo
-were retarded

How is the new gaming house? you all have youre own rooms now and your own bed this time (lol)?
-mostly everyone has their own room

dont you think that TSM have been dodging bullets these past 6 months?
-yes it will show at the grand finals

When you guys are doing something like the two mid, would you consider CV against certain teams or comps (say something like playing m5 and they pick shyv)?
-yes but we are so out of practice with cv

Also, do you think playing mid opens up more support options to you in any way?

if you had to pick 5 players from the entire world to create a team but the players are locked in their current roles (as in if you pick yourself, you would only be able to play support or hotshot jungle, not top), which players would you pick?
-froggen dominate me doublelift and any top top laner

did you notice that pr0lly on zyra had no mr no armor mid when you guys 2v1'd him as sivir sona? pretty large mistake imo.

I remember u saying that yorick should go 9/12/9. So on the offense tree should i take cdr/magic pen or attack speed/armor pen?
-yorick can go 9 12 9 or 0 21 9; i think armor pen is better

What happened to people playing Galio?
-they are bad

How should you play Swain mid during laning phase?
-show them youre out for blood to deny them while making sure you dont get assraped by ganks

is the hotshot-regi trash talk for real or is it just hype? does hotshot really have a strong dislike for regi?
-i dont know what youre talking about but trash talking is always here

isn't it embarassing for all the teams (dig, clg) to say TSM was going to be easy and then get stomped, then have their fanboys trash Regi for that one line after the end? or is there another side to the story?
-i know during interviews its obviously for hype so i dont know why the community is stupid enough to give it thought

would you ever go far enough down the defense tree on AP mid to get the movement speed increase when above 70 percent health?
-only on bruisers like ryze who need the ms

best rammus skin?

rammus or shen jungle?
-rammus for gankz and late game; shen for utility

If Team Curse offered you more money than you are currently making on CLG to come and play for them during season 3, would you go? (Indefinite role)
-depends on offer

If your response is no, what conditions would you move to Curse under?
-would have to be ridiculously more than i make with terms that wouldnt terminate me under any circumstances for a certain time

I feel like against dig all of CLG did not play at their best, inc you. What happened? (esp game 2)
-we had no hard initiate so i dont know why people are tunneling on the fact that i didnt flash ulti forward to get 2 shot by gragas

Jiji actually outcsing a lot? WTFR?
-happens when your 3 inhibs are constantly down

In our thousands of questions have you gotten any good ideas/inspirations besides the promote with tp sivir comp?
-probably but overlooking atm

Also, I thought of a teamcomp:
You forgo a jungler but you have 2 ad carry+support lanes.
Bot lane you want a standard but kinda hard to gank lane, like kog + nunu, which scales very well and is very strong in lane.
Send a standard AP mid that will be in the frontline and provides sustained damage and CC, something like Anivia or Swain
Top lane you send a powerful ad + support to deny their bruiser like Sivir + Leona or Taric. Sivir would be amazing with double AD.

Your supports should be tanky to have a good frontline, and so should your mid.

Dragon and buff control should be provided through the warding of both supports and nunu's consume.

I think late game this comp is amazingly strong since sivir with kog and nunu should be OP in teamfights, and your Swain/Leona/Nunu frontline should be more than enough peel. Leona can also initiate very well.

You would need a solid mid lane that can deal with no jungle pressure, or else top lane's support can roam like Taric. Bot lane should also be competent. I think the lack of jungle presence for bot and mid should be made up for with the destruction of their top lane, and with nunu and 2 supports warding your jungle, your jungle presence should be noticeable too. Supports can help mid/an ad get buffs, and nunu can act as a smite.

I really think that this can work and dominate early/late game and render a player on the enemy team useless. And again, your late game is godly with sivir and kog together.
-team fight will not play out vs any form of hard initiate. your team will be collapsed on and crumble to upfront burst and skirmish junglers will make all lanes lose pressure

don't you think NA top laners play shen very badly, esp late game ?

in regi's vlog he states that CLG got worse instead of better. Do you feel like how you played at regionals was the max potential of CLG? Or have you guys played much better before in some scrims in korea?
-regi also said wed lose to curse and we 2-0d them. chaox also said we would lose to cop elementz bot lane. they are blind

2. cop just said "its common knowledge rhat hsgg is a awful jungler" what is he lacking besides farming and lvl1 experience?
-doesnt know how to gank most lanes

3. what makes dig so dangerous for clg (u have a bad track record i think)?
-nothing really. we just derp a lot

4. why are u guys never engaging fights, u always seem so afraid of making plays?
-probably because we dont have hard engages or know we will lose them

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Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:38pm

you say solomid worth more then millions but regi said he makes around 20k a year from the website


Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:40pm

what's the most ridiculous thing a fan has ever done for CLG?


Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:41pm

Will your team get HS to learn a jungler with hard engage, e.g. Skarner?

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