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Saturday, October 27th 2012, 8:40am

@chauster a few detailed questions please (it should be noted that I learned about this game from watching my friend play ezreal and since you were one of the best ezreals when I started playing you have always been my league idol for your high mechanical skill and good decision-making. (even if we are the same age or I am a bit older, not sure)

What was it like for you in season 2 to have to support and suck up your pride?
Did you feel like you would ultimately just be support temporarily, or were you willing to stick with it?
Is nhat clg's 6th now?
Any chances you and hotshot are going to go back to champion specific jungler/top? I feel like you and hotshot can swap now without much problems if you need a good vlad/kennen to lane at top (although i know he can play kennen)?

Is there any hope for a player like me with aspirations of being semi pro and not having to commit any further than that?
I feel like some of the top teams should have junior teams of platinum/gold players just so there is a natural right of passage to becoming pro. Right now the NA scene doesn't have competition for you guys because of this reason and this reason alone.

Most NA men are busy working and when we can organize a team, it seems like there is no reason to keep it going.. NA badly needs infrastructure.

I was team captain of a 2.2 k avg elo team at the beginning of season 2, that I ended up having to disband. We scrimmed well and I personally learned that I could beat 2.6 k ad mains in lane and that there is not a big skill difference between 1900-2500 (just matchups and map awareness tbh).

The problem with this was, we had too little time to devote to the game and that is never going to end well enough for us to keep up the work..

If there was some type of loose affiliation with a pro team for some of these semi-pro level teams then we could stay together more often without disbanding because ultimately NA men just don't have the dedication to give up so much of their lives for something that is not a guaranteed thing *think salce*

That's something the korean teams don't have a problem with (they are very dedicated), and I feel like it would be a very small step for you/hsgg to make in order to help improve the na scene.. No clgblackesque financial backing required, just make some sort of league for semi-pros to be noticed and picked up. There are a ton of people that could be great, there is just no infrastructure for them to come to fruition.


Saturday, October 27th 2012, 9:01am

Chauster, have you ever heard yourself argue ? maybe on a video or something... If u have not, i urge you to tape yourself once during a team discussion. I think that, if you are this level headed objective kind of guy you claim to be, you will see that you exercise a detrimental way or arguing a point where you raise your voice, talk really fast and completely negate what anyone that may have an opinion different to yours is saying (amongst many other little things not as clear).
Before you say something along the lines of either 1. They can take it. or 2. I argue this way because it works, why should i allow them to speak when they are wrong. Please, remember not all of your fans are 12 year olds, some of us are lawyers speciallized on mediation and we are trained to detect toxic behaviour and shut it down. If you want to improve as a team, i invite you to tape yourself in the midst of a heated argument.



Saturday, October 27th 2012, 9:18am

Will you consider playing Jarvan, Wukong (since you said he belongs in the jungle), or Xin jungle in the future?


Saturday, October 27th 2012, 9:37am

What are the reasons for making a 3man switcharoo over putting locodoco top?

How much sand does the poster before me (GSP) have in his vagina?

Do koreans still go mad offense runes (atk speed yellow+blues etc) like they apparently used to?

What is most correct way to lane as varus vs graves?


Saturday, October 27th 2012, 9:57am

how would you build ahri now?
-same as usual. scepter into abyssal probably

dont understand seems like one item?

can you give me like a 3-4 item build?


Saturday, October 27th 2012, 10:04am

how would you build ahri now?
-same as usual. scepter into abyssal probably

dont understand seems like one item?
Isn't it called Rylais Crystal SCEPTER?
I think that's what he meant.


Saturday, October 27th 2012, 10:07am

On a question regarding the fact that jiji might be the next sub player, you answered that he just needed to move into the gaming house. Previously you said it didn't really matter if he was in the gaming house or not. Did anything change?


Saturday, October 27th 2012, 10:36am

Im starting to play mid again after like 9 months of spamming top and jungle.
Which mids do you think i should play? i can play a good ahri, swain, diana, im a OK anivia.
I really want to learn TF but everytime i play him I fail hard haha, and also karthus, I usually get shit on by aggressive mids with gap closers, like kat, diana.


Saturday, October 27th 2012, 10:49am

Are you top fucking percentage, chau?


Saturday, October 27th 2012, 11:28am

Why u guys keep making jiji play gragas? Hes terrible on gragas and has never done well with him and no im not tunneling on him getting smashed yesterday. I been watching his stream for a long time and its just something i notice. He does not know how to use gragas ult and miss like 60% of them. He has so many other champions that he can play far better than gragas so I never understood why u guys keep spamming him lately. I'm sure u have notice too by now? Not to mention u say jiji is bad with skill shots and all of gragas dmg abilities is skill shots on long cd like lux. Missing cds in team fights means u do zero dmg and have to wait for cd to come up again and sometime team fights ends really quickly so u essentially contributed to nothing if u miss.

Jiji on gragas is like having another support on your team =/ Does no dmg.


Saturday, October 27th 2012, 12:02pm

is revolver necessary for kennen?


Saturday, October 27th 2012, 12:25pm

why are people not picking up gangplank top, he is still so ridicoulously strong, global ult, 100% slow passive, fucking OP team buff E, can get out of any CC with W and gives great sustain... and great farm and harass with Q.. are people really that stupid not realising how strong gangplank is?

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