Sunday, March 11th 2012, 10:32pm

do you have any advice for someone that wants to enter the competitive scene? i've been trying to find a team but no luck


Monday, March 12th 2012, 12:01am

Why does Chaox always follow everything that Genja does? Today on stream he played Urgot exclusively and stated that he was overpowered. Do you think TSM can recover from this slump with the mindset Chaox has? The difference is that M5 can execute strategies that include gimmick champions.

He wasnt good with it so how can he tell then that its op?


Monday, March 12th 2012, 12:26am

Why does Chaox always follow everything that Genja does? Today on stream he played Urgot exclusively and stated that he was overpowered. Do you think TSM can recover from this slump with the mindset Chaox has? The difference is that M5 can execute strategies that include gimmick champions.

He wasnt good with it so how can he tell then that its op?
If I wanted your opinion, I would ask. This thread is to ask Chauster questions.


Monday, March 12th 2012, 3:13am

[02:22] <@maggstar> [1:50:34 AM] Brandon DiMarco: Chauster said he is callin off the wedding


Monday, March 12th 2012, 3:47am

Why do tsm consistently follow the meta that teams play against them. For example after Kiev they all decided that snowbal meta was the new meta and it would completely change the way lol is played. That was proven wrong and now they don't make it out of the group stage and suddenly chaox is playing urgot corki Ashe MF exclusively. Regi is learning tf and spamming tf games after he bashed tf on stream before Kiev. Is it a major issue for tsm that they keep trying to copy the new meta instead of adapting and countering so that every LAN event they are behind and are always catching up rather than being innovating and inventive like they were at MLG with Maokai jungle?


Monday, March 12th 2012, 5:15am


Been wondering this for a while: Why is nasus ever picked in competitive play? He is a hyper carry late and i can see counter to him top lane, but wouldn't it be worth it and even a good idea in CLG's current "lets just get to late game" mind set? He could even be run mid if farming top was impossible. Cheers Chauster


Monday, March 12th 2012, 5:39am

Idk if any of you like starcraft or not but if you do are any of you planning on going to the gom studio while in seoul to watch the gsl sometimes?


Monday, March 12th 2012, 8:12am

when will u guys start streaming ?


Monday, March 12th 2012, 8:14am

Hi chauster huge fan here love your livestream ^^.
Anyway you said about champion specific roles i agree with that because you play an unreal lee sin ^^ and jiji is a great urgot.
But as far as i have seen hotshot is way too agressive for bot lane and his builds suck like SUCK and if jiji plays urgot what about ap carry ?

What would you think about doublelift and jiji bot Urgot/blitz HS can play ap mid like fairly good his mid kennen did great at some event i can't recall
you play top lee singah and Saint play W.E he likes.


Monday, March 12th 2012, 8:31am

Can u guys start making guides again? After the website remake every guides disappeared..... And his time with hotshot and doublelift


Monday, March 12th 2012, 8:38am

Question why did Hotshot tp top instead of bot for 2nd game. I felt like if you guys contested the dragon you guys would have won. Double was really far ahead of ash and kennen had no ulti i think. Hotshot and saint would have been able to tank their entire team but instead you guys backed off. Why did you guys didnt finish the power push at bot with baron??
-double was too pussy, hes never sieged a turret apparently

Since CLG is the oldest team and has not won a lan event with their full line-up since 2010, would u say that u guys are over teh hill?
-no we are always learning what is causing us problems and fix it. it will only be a matter of time until we fix most of our problems

Do you think doublelift improved a lot in this tournament (IEM Hannover)?
-hes improved a lot since he joined the team

And jiji has finally make his way back to his legendary mode he used to be?
-hes getting better

You said before that you expected to do well (not first) in this tournament and you did! HOWS IT FEEL ?
-bad to lose

Are u satisfied with the team performance?

Why did CLG underestimate M5? I have heard many CLG players on stream state that M5 is quite easy to beat. This was repeated several times by Saintvicious, who had believed to have find a method of dismantling M5. Have you seen TSM around? When are you leaving for Korea?
-no one underestimated M5, saint just talks a lot of shit. we saw TSM the last day at Hanover; we are in korea now.

Do you feel hotshot threw the game 2 vrs M5? and if you do think that, what did you guys said to him when he did it? and what did he say?
-yes;he just derped out nothing to fix- biggest problem is we are too scared to 5v5 push because team always backs out when nothing happens (double too pussy to attack turrets, being addressed)

If you had to lastpick your AD in the first CLG vs M5 game again, what would you pick? Would you pick Vayne again or rather have Dbllift play Cait/Ezreal with Ali vs Urgot + Janna?
-honestly vayne wouldve still worked had we played differently

can you describe how everyone did at Hanover. Including you
-hotshot - played most lanes well
-saint- kinda underwhelming in some games
-jiji - carried us most of our games
-dbl- played well most of the time
-me - i played bad like 1 game but the rest i did pretty well

I was speechless when watching those M5 games- SV not really helping mid/bot and HS being caught out so many times during game 2. Did anything else go wrong?
-not hitting turret during pushes, horrible teamfight focus/positioning/priority

Losing to M5 when you had decisive advantages(10K adv+ kills) early game is probably the largest blow ever, now that they're probably gonna trash talk CLG. Any plans of revenge for the next events?
-win next match

Thoughts on the community saying Hotshot threw the game?
-theyre correct

What was the overall atmosphere of the CLG members after losing (to m5) and winning (against aAa)?
-lose m5 bad, win AAA good

How does it feel knowing CLG is the only team (so far) that has actually made M5 look mortal (aside from game 2 in IEM kiev finals against TSM)
-feels bad because we couldve and shouldve at least taken 1 game ;(

Why did you guys still resort to split pushing?
-hotshot hell bent on utilizing tp

Do you think it was the pre-game hype talk about Saint actually being steps ahead of other junglers that scared Diamondez into sticking to his own jungle? Or was he discouraged by the fact that he was met with 3 CLG members protecting buffs?
-we banned both his main junglers

How disappointed are you in the team with how the semis went against M5?
-disappointed but its understandable

How disappointed are you in the team with how the semis went against M5?
-not possible

What seals for mid Vlad and Ken? AP/level, HP/level, armor, or energy(for ken)

What blues for top vlad and ken? AP/level or MR

When would you max W before Q on kennen?
-vs melee

1) What can a top player do when the other team 3 man gank and dive you all the time (referring to what happened to rainman against SK)? I feel hella bad for him cause I wasn't sure what could be done.
-nothing, its his teams fault for allowing 3 men to gank him and gaining no objectives on the map

2) Voyboy lee sin vs your lee sin? The 3 times he played lee sin in Hannoever, he was pretty effective
-imo i am the best lee sin hands down, but top laning experience ofc goes to voyboy. character mechanics is me though

3) I know you said top lane inconsistant so its hard to say who is the best top laner, but IMO, voyboy pretty consistant and always somehow contributes to team. What you think?
-voy probably strongest top laner atm

I know this is worst case scenario but given the scenario that one of CLG's members died or commited a criminal offense and was sentenced to jail, would the team continue?
-we were actually talking about this all day today (40 hours of traveling). if any CLG member died i would simply take their position and we would recruit bloodwater for support

did any ad carries at hannover use lifesteal quints?
-crs cop

Do you think m5 abused of globals? karthus, noc, shen etc

why doesn't hotshotnidaleegg go for nidalee? can't he kick brudahs in da ass anymore?
-he only likes ap nid

you mentioned saint hating nocturne but don't you think noc + twisted fate would be scary as fffire?
-i think tf + noc isnt the best combo

Are you confident that you are one of the top teams competitively now?
-yes we always were and will be

Where you overall pleased with team performance in hannover (although semifinals were disappointing)?

Did you get to use all your tactics and comps this tourny or did you have more things up your sleves?

When you go to korea, can you at least bring one member of CLG with you to the gym
-i think me saint and double will be going to the gym once we find one -_-

Do u lie sometimes in ur answers, because u know that other top players read this topic and u want to manipulate them?
-no, if i insulted any top player their ego would override my reply and they wouldnt give a sh1t. people who actually respect me as a player wouldnt really care because they know what i say is based on my opinion and i can say whatever i want about any player and get away with it since i am chauster

would feel comfortable playing: Udyr, Shyvana, Trundle, Lee Sin, GP, Amumu, Malphite and possibly Rammus in an important match. What other junglers do you think I should learn?
-noc, maokai, skarner

Have you ever had the situation during a tournament/scrim where you lock in your champion pick then realize "fuck, I could have played ____ instead. I forgot about that champion."

Do you think Doublelift was handicapped at the tournament? He is only able to play Vayne and Caityln properly. Both of those champions were bad picks against Urgot. Has CLG been parting hard at Hannover? When do you leave for Korea? Can anyone stop CLG in Vegas? What are you going to do with all the money you win in Korea? Do you think anyone in Korea can even come close to beating CLG?
-no dbl wasnt handicapped; clg no party in hanover; in korea now; we can always be stopped by any team but we are getting a lot better; dont know what do with money; mig fnatic and teamop should do well

Did you hang out with TSM at all in Hannover? If so, what was the relationship between members of CLG and TSM? I know both teams have not been getting along.
-we saw them and we talked, we are cool with eachother

i think clg is the only one team can beat m5 in this tournament, but hotshot and saint often outplay in fact,
did they learn something or try to make some promises for the team?

voyboy , soaz picked nidalee and radpe u guys,what is the team feel?
hotshot not gd at her now or team dont want to play poke matchup?
-nid only for poke comp and we didnt practice it as it takes quite a bit of practice

will clg keep practice alistar + blitz bot lane in the future?

How do you feel about CLG's finish as 3rd in the tourny?
-it was ok

What do you think makes m5 such a dominating team?
-practice and good players

I think i didnt saw a single ult from caitlyn if that ult is that bad why dl pick caitlyn? Also with the ingame score 505 he didnt propose that much of threat. Who call was to not contend dragon fight when you were in lead in game2 vs m5?
-dl likes cait and thought it would win vs m5 in lane (which it did); we were too low to contest drag

Now that the tournament is over, do you feel that Janna was an overvalued pick this week? Or was she simply the best answer for a lot of team's heavy melee lineups?

Do you think they countered your split push strategy efficiently?
-no they simply had very good tools against split push but we failed as we never HIT TOWERS

What could Saintvicious have done in the tourney to get his 6/10 rating higher?
-more presence than enemy jungler

Do you think Saintvicious underestimated M5's jungler? Prior to Hannover, he said on stream that Diamondprox can only play a small pool of champions. It was quite the opposite, Diamondprox played a beast nocturne and did a lot of work.
-ok so he can play around 3 champions i dont think saints statement was unjustified

It hurts me to say this, I do not think Saintvicious performed well in the M5 games. What do you think he could have done differently? The reason I think Saintvicious did not do well was because of a grave mistake in the 2nd game, he got caught while pushing the bottom inhibitor tower. Due to this, CLG had to stop pushing even though they were up 10k gold.
-gank more


Monday, March 12th 2012, 8:57am

Forgot to ask when will you guys start to stream again and will own3d still host your streams?

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