Tuesday, May 1st 2012, 4:28am

[YouTube] League of Legends Replays

Hey CLG League of Legends Players

So yea, what I'm pretty much asking for is some replays
Please don't send someone elses Replay UNLESS you have permission to, so make sure to ask him/her/it before uploading to LoL Replay

Where to send it?
Send it to [email protected] (Don't spam it please)
Send me the link to the replay
Tell me what the time and which champion does one of those things below
You can send my Penta Kills, Epic Jukes anything thats funny!
Give me a breif description of what happens

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I'm planning to upload these videos to YouTube because I have no YT Ideas and I'm almost partnered so I have to produce more videos in order to stay partnered

Also if you have any good YT ideas for League of Legends
Post Below