Thursday, May 3rd 2012, 2:16pm

@CLG Forums, Get in here if you have a 1500+ ranked team!

Yo CLG brahs, I am Alphacide. Since retiring from my elite position of master forum troll, I have decided to find a new hobby:

I am a very experienced player of LoL, adjudicator and 2500+ games.

I am 1500? in solo atm and decided over the summer I want to be more competitive so I am seeking a RANKED TEAM.

I play an incredible SOLOTOP, JUNGLE, and a good MID. I can also SUPPORT, CARRY but prefer not to.

If you have a GOOD competitive ranked team 1500+ I would like to try out as SOLOTOP or JUNGLE.

Over the summer I will be taking more university classes, but only working security shift twice per week. Thus I have almost 80% of the week free to play.

My best champions:

Solotop: GP, Yorick, Tryn, Kennen ... anyone capable of solotop
Jungle: LEE SIN, tryn, shaco, ... everyone capable of jungling...
Mid: Talon, Kennen, Annie, Morgana
Support: Soraka, Taric
Carry: Graves, Corki, Ashe, Caitlyn


If you are interested in recruiting me, or w/e please message me ON THIS WEBSITE. Or IN GAME. Serious ingame inquiries only please, as my friends list is full and requires deletion of people in order to add new dudes.

Your Internet BFF,


Friday, May 4th 2012, 9:14pm

Sorry man, I gotta be honest. Props for being so dedicated to this game and playing so much and for so long, but as an old competitive player (ex R1 WoW), I just don't see it, or even a 1500 player, sorry.

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