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Twisted Treeline Guide

I wrote this guide for my friends, and I wanted to improve it, its technically not finished but I wanted to know how its progressing (formatting might be awkward because im copy pasting from a diff forum)

Section 1 - Champion Roster

Now the first thing to know about the map is how useful your champion
is on this map, Its fairly different from Summoners Rift the shorter
closer combat fights, mobile, none item dependent champion, with crowd
control and burst often does better. While you can skip the some of
these requirements if your hero really excels in another area - for
example Alistar isnt mobile but hes an excellent close combat fighter
with good burst and strong crowd control. The main one I would avoid
skipping is 'item dependent'.

Overview of good heroes

Lets take a look at which heroes would do better

Tanks - Alistar Amumu
Blitzcrank Cho'Gath Malphite Rammus Singed Shen

All tanks in Twisted Treeline do fairly well, however they cant be
pure tank, and must get some type of damage items. All tanks share the
fact that they have naturally high survivability and do well in close
quarters combat. Most tanks should be built semi survivability, semi
damage - Going pure tank will just leave you as a bit of a "wasted team
slot", exception to this might be taunters, going AP build for most of
the tanks would be best, as a Rod of Ages* or Rylai will increase
survivability and damage.
* This isnt a good item on Twisted Treeline, because it often takes very long to max and TT games are fairly short

Blitzcrank in particular does well with his ability to pull
enemies thru walls.

Rammus, Shen for their ability to force players away from who
their protecting, Shen gets a secondary mention as he is able to run
thru walls giving him extra mobility.

Alistar, Amumu, Malphite for their excellent crowd control

Singed, ChoGath
for their above average ability to deal damage

Melee DPS - Mundo Nasus Sion Poppy Kassadin
Udyr Jax Warwick Tryndamere Mordekaiser Shaco Pantheon Gragas Gangplank
Master Yi

Melee DPS have an advantage in Twisted Treeline since the smaller
fights and their above average survivability with above average damage,
probably the some of the best characters to choose for Twisted Treeline
will come from this list. Again with tanks its best to build them semi
damage, semi tank items such as Atmas Impaler and Phage/Frozen Mallet
will provide survivability and damage.

Mundo to many people Mundo is considered the strongest character
on this map, hes very hard to kill in small fights, massive damage
output, excellent chasing capabilities, superb jungling ability, great
harasser, can check bushes with his cleaver, low cooldown full heal -
this isnt to say he cant be countered (ignite, executioner calling), but
he is definitely one of the best picks

Poppy while not as as amazing as Mundo, Poppy does hold many of
his qualities, and she is even better at dropping a target quickly.

Shaco, Gragas, Kassadin are extremely mobile heroes that
especially excel in this map, they also have the ability to burst and do
fairly well at small skirmishes, and they carry some ability to
increase their survivability even further. Also dont underestimate

Jax, Warwick, Udyr, Pantheon, Sion are fairly versatile heroes,
all having stun, strong auto damage, great survivability, good mobility,
often times these will be some of the top picks for this map, as they
are capable of countering most things, and are not hard countered by
much if anything

Nasus, Mordekaiser, Gangplank, Tryndamere, Master Yi this is part
is a bit of a quick mop up of leftovers - Nasus is strong but
requires his Q to be farmed for a while to be truly good, not to mention
his ultimate is at its strongest the more enemies are around him - Mordekaiser
is fine, but he doesnt contribute much in terms of crowd control - Gangplank
makes a good ward buyer, his passive counters Mundo, and he has good
long range burst, overall a good pick - Tryndamere has great
mobility, a strong physical debuff and jungling capabilities but hes
extremely item dependent for damage - Master Yi great mobility
and damage, but item dependent and rather low survivability

Ranged DPS - Nidalee Sivir Ashe Corki
Tristana Ezreal Teemo Twisted Fate

Ranged DPS excels in summoners rift because the high damage 5 people can
output makes it a bit dangerous to go melee, not to mention melee would
have to sacrifice damage for survivability while ranged can go nearly
pure damage and still do well. In twisted treeline however melee's have
no fear of getting in your face, and often will - instantly - and kill
your average to below average survivability. This makes ranged dps quite
a bit weaker then melee dps, but they are still viable

Teemo - King of Map Control TEEMO!!!, Get cooldown reduction and
spread mushrooms thru out the jungle, tight spots, potential danger
areas, can make just moving around the map extremely painful... not to
mention he has a short cooldown blind and good mobility, only problem is
that an oracles means enemy can run around killing your mushrooms each
of them giving them 25g

Nidalee, Ezreal both have excellent support skills and great
mobility, not to mention can burst you down fairly well, Nidalee in
particular has good map control - excellent choices

Tristana, Ashe, Corki have many abilities to make themselves very
useful - Tristana with healing reduction, slows, aoe knockback - Ashe
with a great stun and team wide slows - Corki with brutally high aoe
damage, ability to reveal stealth(ward killer) and pseudo blind

Twisted Fate useful passive that lets your team buy a few extra
wards, and carries a stun and global reveal (anti gank), stacked deck
makes him a little less item dependent then the other ranged carries as

Sivir specializes in farming which this map doesnt really have,
otherwise has low comparable damage and low survivability, only saving
grace is her spellshield. her ultimate can be decent if your team has 2
more auto attackers, but that means that the overall team make up is bad
and that items like thornmail and wardens mail counters your entire

Mages - Annie Ryze Anivia Karthus Veigar
Heimerdinger Morgana Fiddlesticks Kayle* Soraka Taric* Zilean Janna
*Not really a mage...

Zilean is the best mage to bring for TT, your bombs will often
let you finish off most runners since most people run when they are low
and dont really plan to run with enough health to survive the delayed
bomb as well, also the revive is one of the most powerful things around
and will practically instantly change a close battle to a win

Annie, Ryze probably the best 2 straight burst mages for TT, easy
to play and good upfront burst on low recharge, I would say Ryze is
slightly better then Annie since he has better survivability, but they
are both very close

Veigar, Anivia, Karthus Veigar is a pretty solid pick with his
large stun, but his burst is on the low side without his ultimate,
Karthus and Anivia are a bit harder to play, if played by a master they
can potentially be amazing but usually picking Annie or Ryze would serve
you better - Karthus does get the added benefit of finishing off
runners however which is nice for killing Shaco & Kassadin

Morgana, Kayle, Soraka, Taric, Janna support characters are a
very 50/50 choice for Twisted Treeline, they need to be played very well
and need your team to be fairly intelligent on how to play, they can
potentially be very strong

Heimerdinger, Fiddlesticks both have awkward gamestyles, Heimer
can turret up a lane to auto farm while your team goes to gank, not to
mention his grenades and rockets do fairly solid damage - Fiddlesticks
has one of the better silences in the game, and its probably stronger in
Twisted Treeline than it is in summoners rift, however your ultimate
isnt as strong since warding up danger spots is a more common practice
in TT, and stuns are fairly common to have as well to cancel drain...
Fiddles is still a decent pick however

Stealthers - Evelyn
and Twitch

Evelynn Twitch the problem with stealthers in Twisted Treeline is
that sight wards is a must, picking a stealther will only make the
enemy have to spend an extra 60 gold. Your stealth advantage is gone
almost immediately, buying oracles to counter the wards isnt exactly a
bad idea, but its a pretty massive waste of gold


Monday, April 26th 2010, 1:09am

Section 2 - Summoners Spells

summoners spells are heavily dependent on what heroes you choose,
instance Singed NEEDs ghost, however having certain summoners spells
this map can easily change the course of the match

Clairvoyance - Extremely useful for
bushes, exploring dangerous areas, checking on neutral buffs,
ganks, and seeing which way runners ran to. This ability is
powerful and you should try to squeeze one into your team. Using
intelligently can and will save lives, and give you better map

Clarity - Not much to say, if your champion
mana like crazy - get it.

Cleanse -
Pretty useful as it can clear off
troubling spells, this has extra
usefulness on mundo as people will
probably try to counter your
ultimate, and this counters their
counter... Most of the best heroes
for this map will have stuns, but
none of the stuns will last
particularly long. This is nice to bring but
can be passed.

Exhaust - Very popular choice as auto
fill this map, it can also be used while stun meaning you can
it to counter warwicks ultimate. Its a bit expensive to buy frozen
and phage at times can be unreliable, so this is a great
slow as well. Also Phage & Exhaust should stack if you
someone to really stop running.

- Another very popular choice to
increase mobility, its especially
powerful on melee dps to allow their
damage to be "sustained" on
runners, since flash would only get you 1
auto attack hit at best.
Ghost has the extra benefit of auto fixing
pathfinding (the silly
walk your champion does at times when they run
into creeps). Ghost
also heavily increases your chance to escape. Its a
good solid
summoner spell to bring.

Heal - It
doesnt heal for much, but that
small amount can easily change the
course of a team fight, the cooldown
isnt very long and its not a
bad choice. The only problem with heal is
that there might be better
choices and Twisted Treeline is limited to 6
summoner spells.
Fitting a heal spell in there might not be possible.

Ignite - Since games dont go on for too
meaning everyones hp tends to be lower, this summoner spell does
high amounts of damage. The fact it reduces healing, makes it a
counter to mundo, nidalee, health potion and lifesteal. Tho pure
like Soraka and Taric probably wont be seen often.

Flash - Flash is oberpowered, this is a
it is so overpowered that in the near future it will probably be
Flash is almost a must have spells for characters without a
in flash. You can use flash to initiate, escape over walls and
projectiles (including veigars ultimate). This spell will nearly
a must pick for most heroes.

- Fortify is very underestimated,
in TT you will pretty much only
be able to destroy towers after winning a
team fight. Its fairly easy
to counter 2-3 turret divers with only 1
champion if everyone is
about equal. Fortify has a long cooldown but
will save your turrets
and if used wisely can be used to kill turret
divers as well. Not a
must have choice but teams who can squeeze this in
will often find
that they can neutralize an unlucky situation.

- Rally is a good strong ability in
summoners rift, but in twisted
treeline with the smaller team size it
becomes a bit weaker in
twisted. It provides a nice damage boost and aoe
healing - making it
nice to bring, and potentially can change a team
fight. The only
problem with it is its large cooldown. Nice to have but
could be passed without trouble

- This spell is trash in
summoners rift, and its even worse here.
Twisted Treeline has shorter
revive times and the games itself is
much shorter meaning you would only
be able to use it 2-3 times at
most. Never use Revive...

Smite - He
who controls the neutral buffs,
controls the map - This is an
extremely important spell, a well timed
smite can easily steal the
dragon from the enemy team or prevent it
being stolen from you. It
also allows many heroes to solo the epic
creeps and lets you smite
jungle creeps on the way to a gank for
experience and gold. This is a
great choice for Twisted Treeline and
your main jungler should
probably bring it.

Teleport - Lets
you gank any lane at any
time but gives the enemy plenty of warning
and will probably make the
gank fail, helps you try to surprise a
tower, but if a creep wave is
auto attacking the tower an enemy
champion will probably be heading
there soon, making your efforts
wasted... overall this spell is bad in
twisted treeline. The map is
just far too small for it, and summoner
spells are far too precious
to be wasted with this.

Section 3 - Jungle
control is another important aspect of Twisted Treeline - While
may not be too important to kill every jungle creep that pops up,
the neutral buffs and especially dragon is an absolute must.
jungle in twisted treeline is separated into 2 parts, the center
and the top jungle. each carrying their own amount of creeps and
neutral buffs.
Neutral Buffs

Blessing of the Lizard Elder - Provided by the
it is recognized by the red runes, it causes your attacks to
their target and deal a small amount of damage over time, lasts 2
and 30 seconds

Crest of Crushing Wrath - Provided
by the Dragon, its a team wide
neutral buff that is recognized by the
brown runes. It provides a %
damage bonus equal to your level that lasts
2 minutes.

Crest of Flowing Water - Provided by the Epic
it is recognized by the white runes, and increases the bearers
speed by 45%. Lasts 1 minute

Crest of Natures
- Provided by the Epic Wolf,
it is recognized by the
green runes, and increases your attack speed by
20% and reduces your
cooldowns by 10%. Lasts 1 minute


Top Outer Rim - The top
outer rim is
the 1 creep spawn point near the top of each base that
contains a
randomized set of either 2 golems or 1 adult wolf with 2
small wolves.
These start spawning at 1:40

Wolf Set - At level 1 Large Wolves provide 85 exp,
wolves provide 40 exp
Golem Set - At level 1
Golem Provides 120 exp each

Top Inner Rim -
The inner rim provides 2 of the 4
potential neutral buffs in this
game, there are 2 types of randomized
spawns, Epic Wolf and Epic
Ghast. Keeping the neutral buffs within your
team will often be the
key to victory. Even if someone who cant use the
buff to its
fullest gets it, just preventing the enemy from getting the
buff is

These start spawning at 1:55, and take 3 minutes to
respawn after being

Top Center
- At the very center of the top jungle
holds the mighty dragon,
while strong many heroes can beat him 1vs1
especially if they use
smite. Controlling the Dragon is by far the most
important part, it
provides 130g to every player on the team, and an
additional 25g to
the champion who killed it. It also provides a very
large amount
of experience to everyone in the team and a powerful team
wide %
based buff.

The first dragon spawn is at 4:40, and take 5
minutes to respawn after
being killed.

Outer Rim
- The central outer rim is the 1
creep spawn point
near each base that contains a randomized set of
either 1 golem, 1
adult lizard, 1 baby lizard or 1 adult ghast with 3
small ghast.
These start spawning at 1:40

Variety Set - At level 1
Golem Provides 120 exp, Large
Lizard 80 exp, Small Lizard 25 exp
- At level 1 Large Ghast provides 80 exp, Small Ghast
exp each

Center - At
the very center
of the map contains lizard, hes very easy to kill
as he has no small
minions protecting him and he provides one of
the better neutral buffs.
He begins spawning at 2:10

first lizard spawn is at 2:10, and take 4 minutes to respawn after


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Monday, April 26th 2010, 1:41am

Really great guide for TT
Nasus is really great and not to much item dependant, it makes him a really great champion in TT
even with 2-3 champ against him his ulti is really good
I know I defend Nasus 'cause it's my main and he's so great ^^


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Monday, April 26th 2010, 7:29am

I've been playing Shen alot lately on TT, I find he's really amazing, you don't seem to be putting him high on your "tier list".

I go Doran's Shield + Pot then usually Phage > Leviathan > Zeal > Frozen Mallet > Atma's Impaler (for long games :p) adding elixirs (red, sometimes green) and wards in the mix.

By level 9 your Q does ~200 and your autoattack with Ki Strike ~150, add your taunt in the equation and the guy is dead with your teammates attacking him too.

Your ulti is really nice too turning tides during skirmishes.

You can solo middle creeps (including lizard) at level 1 and dragon at level 5, Im not sure that Amumu or Allistar could say the same...

So is it due to my ELO that I'm stomping games with him, or Shen's really good on TT?



Monday, April 26th 2010, 9:22pm

Really great guide for TT
Nasus is really great and not to much item dependant, it makes him a really great champion in TT
even with 2-3 champ against him his ulti is really good
I know I defend Nasus 'cause it's my main and he's so great ^^
However, Siphoning Strike requires farming and on TT, that isn't the best idea.


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Tuesday, April 27th 2010, 1:13am


However, Siphoning Strike requires farming and on TT, that isn't the best idea.

don't really agree but everybody can't have the same opinion ^^

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