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Salce AMA Answers Part 3

Another AMA Answers part, I have one more for tomorrow. Enjoy

First off is for my friend, how easy is it to stream, by this I mean how hard is it on your connection? What do you think would be a minimum amount of upload to stream while still being able to play online?
It isn't hard on my connection cause I have Verizon Fios any stream related questions I recommend Google cause I am clueless haha sorry for no help there.

Next, what attracted you to the role of AP Carry? I know it's ups and downs, and why they're fun, but what was YOUR reason for choosing this role?
I chose this role because I am good at it. I got known for being a consistent mid lane player and ever since then I have just been put mid and I don't mind it. Also I generally enjoy playing casters in any game if given the option so I guess that has a bit of an influence on me.

What do you think of Anivia and Vladimir?
I think Vlad is making a slow comeback, and we will see where that comeback brings him. As for Anivia many people do not generally like her because I feel like she needs a team to cooperate with. A lot of Anivia players in competitive play max wall second where as if you tried to do that in solo queue then you won't do as much damage and cannot rely on your team very much. Anivia is really strong and hasn't been to huge in NA other than jiji but as for EU I believe they pick her / used to. I am no Anivia expert or expert on what EU plays so my Anivia knowledge isn't the best. All I know is that if you ask The Rain Man my Anivia is #1. trollolol

What do you think is the reason your team wins so much, when most of your practice comes from solo queuing?
I have no answer to be honest. That is just what Epik does.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Do you like the name epik gamer?
No I do not actually I don't like being called EG but I do not mind Epik.

Whats your take on this whole CLG drama cuz theres been some new flaming since clg lost the qualifiers?
Don't know and I do not really care. If anything with the new roster they are weaker, so I guess I am satisfied.

Do you think vlad needs a buff to make him more viable?
No if he is slightly buffed I feel like he'd be OP. It seems hard to find the perfect balancing spot with Vlad. Especially since he has gotten A LOT of nerfs since release.

Have you even went to 4 base/home run?
Yes in a drinking game called Baseball.

What do you feel about EG never taking first?
One day hopefully. Second is still awesome for not practicing. I am satisfied.

When will EG start practicing hard?
Next big tourney that the whole team cares about I hope.

What or who do you think is the strongest part of EG and what or who is the weakest?
I feel like our top lane lacks a lot unless westrice riven / akali . Also weak part is using teleport and following up quickly. Team often hesitates to follow up with Dan and sometimes Dan goes too crazy on initiation. Our strongest part is probably team fights. We win them often when on equal terms but Epik likes to fall behind early then struggle to catch back up.

What do you think of your hometown of Temecula/Murrieta?
It is nice. No complaints here.

How did you like Chap?
It is whatever. School is school and all my friends from middle school go here. So I like it although they are getting to strict on stupid stupid rules but it does not bother me because I only have a week and a half + ONE MORE SEMESTER.

Did you ever have Mrs. Crawford?
No but I heard she was a bitch

Did you know a girl named Celine Nicdao?
Yeah I do. I've known her since middle school and I sat by her last year in psychology and she was in my US history class... why??

Did you have any friends who played LoL at Chap or were good?
No they aren't very good and I know like two people I think.

How is Mrs. Brooks?
No idea who she is

How was your CHS Homecoming?
It sucked cause my date. She is a beezy.

Do you know Tim Casasola or John Siy, alumni from Agility?
No I do not.

Can i find your playlist online somewhere? do you have any specific streaming schedule? nonquestion: i recently discovered your stream and its awesome and so relaxed and id definately be watching it more.
and thanks.

Do people still quote phreak's "salce you sexy mother"?
Nope that quote is old and people seem to have forgotten that.

Who was the first champion you remember playing in LoL?
Ashe, Annie, Teemo, Tryndamere or Nunu they are the old school champions I remember playing. No way at all I can remember the FIRST champ. Way to long ago.

Even though you're underage, I have to ask. Favorite alcoholic drink?
Beer in general.

Hey, how do you know all the counter picks? Some are common sense and others are not so obvious. I've been practicing playing against a lot of champs but there are like over 7,000 possible match ups with all the champions.
All by experience. Learn from other people mistakes on match ups and learn from your own and don't do it again or adapt.

What would you do to make Karma a viable pick?
Remake her? Cause i have no idea what to do to her to make her viable.

what is the best role to play to get out of elo hell?
All roles (except support) this patch it seems just need to crush whatever role you are doing and bring your advantage of being very strong elsewhere.

How do i get girls to like me?
Take a shower and groom and some girl in this world will like you for a fact. You may have to lower your standards though but there is a girl out there for everyone.

When are you coming back to Amsterdam?
Probably never unless next dreamhack!?!?!?! I HOPE Amsterdam is awesome

When would you play a support blitz, as opposed to a sona or soraka?
You are asking the WRONG person.

What do you consider when counterpicking? I don't really know how to counterpick, got some good advice on how to better counterpick? I often lose games because of they counterpicks us, but I've never understood how to counterpick them
Counter picking is just what is good vs. what, and especially in lanes. If one lane is counter picked extremely hard and they end up getting stomped in that lane then that champ is going to be a bit useless. If you do not know counter picks then start paying attention and learning from experience and even what others say. Even though they say it you do not have to believe it but some people give good insight and when you see it, then you can believe it.

Will EG ever practice before a tourney?
Yes we do, but not as much as we should

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself at each role in the game?
Jungle 5 ~ AP 9 ~ Support 7 ~ AD 7 ~ Top Lane ~7

Will EG ever update their website more than once a month?
Ask Dan

If you could have only one thing for Christmas, what would it be? (it doesn't need to be a physical gift)
The ability to go invisible. Does that count?

Who's your daddy?
My Biological father is a man named Andy Salce

Hey Salce, what things do you need to do to be a great Kennen, he is one of my favorite heroes and id love to have some insight on how to play him to the highest level, aswell as maybe some tricks etc?
Time stuns properly, hit shurikens, engage with lightning ball, and farm. I have a guide coming out soon I don't want to get caught up in a paragraph of Kennen tips. Guide is coming soon I believe.

Im making a team, and i need to know what are the mmmmm, lets say "basics" or more importat things an ap carry should know when playing mid, should u gank? farm all day? split push? what are the more important things? thank yoou


Friday, December 9th 2011, 10:55am

oh tits, you live around temecula? i'd say we should hang out, but you probably wouldn't want to :P


Wednesday, December 28th 2011, 9:14pm

At the last one with the team making is missing an answer :3 Just wanna say.. That wasn't me. I'm already in a team.. Infact they suck. But im happy.. Cause they are fun :p


Tuesday, January 17th 2012, 3:47pm

At the last one with the team making is missing an answer :3 Just wanna say.. That wasn't me. I'm already in a team.. Infact they suck. But im happy.. Cause they are fun :p
well that was direct..

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