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Discoveies of the ADs

Ok, so i have mostly played support, but have tried to play as AD champs. And from my side i feel more comfortable going AD. So what i wanted to ask is if someone can share their thoughts on different AD champs. I have played this game a while, but seem to strive learning how to play the champs :S



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Friday, November 25th 2011, 9:20am

Umm, off the top of my head:

Ashe: My personal favourite. Lowest damage of the AD carries but the most utility. Best initiation in the game IMO. On a total tangent, I finished S1 with 85% winrate over 30 games in noob ELO (~1500).
"Caiflyn": The recent nerfs hit her hard and she isn't nearly as effective as she used to be. Still a strong laner, but feels kind of subpar.
Corki: AD "Caster", lots of damage of varying type (makes you hard to counter), good range but has a hard time in the current meta (was doing a lot better when meta was solo AD mid because he needs his levels).
Ezreal: No CC, but a good escape, lots of damage and a great AoE/global ulti. Excellent Q range. Great for poking comps.
Graves: Bruiser of the AD carries, lots of burst, fairly disruptive with smokescreen, dash/IAS bonus give him high sustained damage too. Really low auto attack range makes it hard to compete.
Kog'Maw: Awesome range from W and R. W has nice damage on it too, but really it's just frosting for the extra range.
Sivir: Queen of the split push, spell shield means that she can counter some heroes exceptionally well. Really small auto attack range also makes it difficult to compete.
Teemo: I will find you and kill you if you play Teemo because shrooms are balls annoying.
TF: Not really that strong as an AD, go play him as an AP at mid.
Trist: Even though she's old I feel in the current patch she's replacing Kog's role somewhat: high end game range, lots of sustained dps from Q. Unlike Kog, has a nice escape mechanism.
Vayne: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 She has SO much damage built into her kit it's wonderful. Also has a situational stun which is nice. Her stealth is nice but not super reliable. Right now I think she's the strongest AD.


Thursday, April 19th 2012, 10:04pm

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Sunday, April 29th 2012, 9:23pm


Had a huge reply for all AD earlier, but it got eaten D:

Let's try again!

Tristana -

Pros - practically a mage early game, transitions into one of the strongest/safest AD carries in the game lategame.
Cons - autopush, leap used as a hard engage can backfire horribly.

How I play Tristana:

Skill order is R > E > Q > W. Why? Explosive shot is an amazing skill that fares extremely well in trades, with one simple disadvantage. First, Explosive shot at rank 1 does 110 magic damage, plus 5 seconds of halved hp regen... an awful lot of damage, especially for a rank 1 spell. Second and unfortunately, Explosive Shot's passive makes it practically impossible to do anything but push. All that -really- means is that you've got to either ward very carefully yourself, or convince your support to ward very carefully, because you'll almost always be pushed and usually looking to trade. Without wards, you -will- get ganked and you -will- die, but with careful ward coverage you force their jungler to still come bottom, but you remove his reward for doing so and alleviate pressure in the other lanes.

I play a Tristana/Leona lane quite often, but other supports with CC / offensive potential should work as well... Taric, blitz and alistar come to mind. Tristana does fairly well in all-ins because of her potential for burst damage, so pairing Tristana with someone with CC and an initiate should work well.

Item wise, there isn't much to say... Standard AD builds of zerk treads, double doran - > IE - > LW - > PD is pretty standard... the only deviation I'd provide for Tristana is that I'll take a doran's ring over a doran's blade if I need the mana regen. Otherwise, standard.

Ashe -

Pros - Massive amounts of utility, relatively safe in lane, can safely hold and expand a lead
Cons - Some of the worst damage scaling, disadvantaged vs most lanes because of it

How I play Ashe -

Really boring. R > Q > W > E, because the higher damage and lower cooldown of volley is only useful if you have the mana regen to use it, and spending resources on the mana regen to do that doesn't sound all that worth it. I'm probably wrong here, but I prefer the extended usability of more slow and longer hawkshot over the spammy powers of more volleys.

Supports... it isn't a bad idea to have a support that brings some damage to the table as well. Again, I like Leona quite a bit, but Ashe's objective in lane is just to farm as well as she can and get to midgame in the most secure position she can manage. She's a really safe and straightforward carry, but if she gets a lead, she has the slows to make every engagement a hard commitment, meaning that she -can- push an advantage in lane to zone the other team fairly well.

Cait -

Pros - Great range, Traps OP, farm/push/wave clear like a monster, net is really good, passive is really good.
Cons - Her ult is inversely as good as the rest of her skills are. In most cases you're better off pretending it doesn't exist, as it is like a single-target karthus ult that scales worse and lets the enemy team choose who it will hit.

How I play Cait -

I'm pretty new to Cait, so I don't have a well-ironed build order or a clearly defined playstyle, but there are a few things I've been using to my advantage to decent results.

Thing number 1 : Traps are really good. I grab traps at level 1 and start putting them in bushes in our jungle to prevent level 1 invades and counterjungling. Traps are also fantastic in lane, and force the enemy team to tread very, very carefully. If you're capable of freezing lane, making a line of traps between yourself and their carry is a fantastic defensive tactic, and makes it both hard for them to farm, and hard for them to engage on a gank. Priority ranking Q also allows you to punish heavily anyone who steps into a trap.

Thing number 2 : Range is really good. Cait outranges most other ranged carries, and there is little reason to not play aggressively and poke as much as possible. Two or three autoattacks can win you a lane, and you can give them without getting anything back... so why wouldn't you?

Thing number 3 : Teleport is really good. Teleport allows you to keep constant pressure in lane, and considering Cait's ability to zone, leaving no room for that pressure to alleviate is extremely important. Though teleport starts to fade in usefulness later in the game, the advantage it provides during laning phase makes it worth it, imo.

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