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Saturday, July 9th 2011, 1:57pm

Looking for a good team ( at least heading to a 1700~ + standard )

n-Game Name: Last Destiny
Age: 18
Gender: M
Country: Canada
Time-Zone: GMT+5
Experience: Epic gamer.
Vent? Y
Skype? Y
Role Preference: (AD Carry, AP Carry, Support, Roamer, Jungler)(More than one choice is acceptable if necessary) I can literally play anything to a really high level standard, I don't really have any preference since I'm always the one filling what's needed in any games I'm...
Least Preferred Role: (More than one choice is acceptable if necessary) N/A
Top 5 Heroes From Preferred Role: Caitlyn/ashe , Amumu/Nunu/Warwick/Nocturne, Malphite/Amumu/BlitzCrank , Sona/Janna , Annie/Lux/
Top 5 Heroes Outside of Preference: I think I listed enough up there, The only champ I can't play well is Shaco, other than that, there's no champ that I can't play decently
Summoner Level 30? Y

I'm most likely the most unlucky guy in solo Q, now you're going to say, yes they all say that, but guess what, I keep getting peoples to duoQ with me, and after 3-4 games they tell me '' I'm not doing soloQ with you anymore '' , and guess why? Not because I'm bad, not at all, since I always go positive, and I don't die , a good player is a player that ain't dieing much. Going stuff like 13/5/12 and lose is my usual scores or close to that. They telling me after the 3-4 games they did with me, all what we got were feeders and retards , and that with me, they never get a good team. I always carry , I always do my job when I'm the tank, but when you fulfill one role, and the rest just fail all the time , that's great. You ward the whole map for your team even if you're the carry, you give directions that aren't even listened to, you call that they're going to get ganked and they don't even listen to you and give up 2 kills to the enemy team. The jungler only come in your lane to push it and then come back, not even trying to gank. you're often first pick , peoples don't answer to you in the chat, so you go a champ that is OP or actually really good, like let's say amumu, but the rest of the team just go all AP ? that's what happens to me EVERY games. It's been a month since I got my last decent , yes , decent, not even good, just decent that they could LAST HIT instead of just dieing to the towers literally.

So yeah, after that paragraph, I'm done, add me if you want to try me out, and no, believe it or not, I don't rage or anything like that. Only thing is, I'm just close to quit this game with all the teams I get. This is my last try at this game, will I get a decent team now? we'll see it. all what I do is, when my team fail, I just stop caring about the ones that feed and try to help those that are good enough to do something, when you say a warwick dies to the blue twice at the start of the game, not even getting counter jungle'd or anything, even though he was leashed, and you don't even know how that's possible, well yeah, welcome to my world.

see you later guys, Maybe.

And if you're wondering, my soloQ ranking is 1220 atm and my 5v5 premade is 1371 , I'm not even in the 900s that I get teams like that.


Saturday, July 9th 2011, 2:12pm

I bounch for this guy i've played with him carried me to 1400 ELO we sepparated he had 1550 ELO and feeders dropped him down lol no joke give him the chance