Associate Video Producer
Los Angeles, CA

Start Date

Summary of Work
You’re applying for the role of Associate Video Producer with Counter Logic Gaming. You’ll work on-site at Counter Logic Gaming covering one or two of our premier e-sports teams. The objectives of the role:

Team Content Vision
Edit and produce consistent video content showcasing our players. Follow the teams on their competitive journey and tell their story in your unique vision.

Highlight and Social Content
Create highlights and social-ready clips from our teams.

We’re currently looking for Video Production talent for the following teams:

  • League of Legends 
  • League of Legends (Challenger)
  • Super Smash Brothers Melee & SMASH4
  • Overwatch

Minimum Requirements:

  • A minimum of one year of experience producing high quality videos. Must have examples of videos created.
  • Extensive knowledge of e-sports titles, especially the teams you’re applying to cover.
  • Strong camera work/cinematography, familiarity with audio production, and great at editing. You can do it all.
  • Able to bring out the best out of talent, maintain a schedule, and meet deadlines.
  • An in-depth understanding of what gamers and supporters of e-sports and CLG desire in content. 
  • Able to travel at all times of the year, nationally and internationally as required.
  • Able to relocate to Los Angeles immediately.

Bonus Requirements:

  • An extended portfolio of gaming content or professional gaming videos with high viewership.
  • Previous experience leading a team, especially a video team in production and media.
  • Self-direction and the ability to operate as an independent. You will control the creative direction of CLG with low oversight. Your work ethic must be high and you should be self-motivated.

Application Guidelines
Please send a resume, cover letter, AND portfolio of work to

In the subject line, include “[Associate Vid Producer] Your Name” - The subject line must follow exact convention or the application will be removed.

In your cover letter, include in no more than 1000 words:

Why you are right for the role? Include specific related experiences and accomplishments, not vague aptitudes.
Your vision of CLG’s brand development and the creative direction you think CLG should take.

Applicants that don’t follow directions, skip the application process by any means, or don’t meet the minimum requirements will not be considered.