The Dark Horse: Taipei Assassins
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 Taipei Assasins (TPA) has been known as one of the strongest contenders in the Asian LoL scene, yet very little is known about them. Today I will present them to the rest of the world in an interview conducted by me with 3 of their members. Their captain Mistake, their female support player Colalin and their manager Erica.

Q:  First of all, thank you accepting this interview from CLG, can you first introduce yourselves to us?

Mistake:  Hi everybody, I'm Mistake the captain of TPA. My ID on NA server is "MiSTakElolz", I have been playing LoL for about 2 years. I play AD Carry or SUpport for my team. I also am the caller during matches.

Colain: I'm Colalin from TPA, I have been playing this game for an year and half. I play support for my team, my best champion is Soraka but my favourite is Lux.

Q: To my knowledge you guys are one of the world class Asian teams, yet little is known about you guys. Can you give me your full roster?

Mistake: Our team wasn't formed too long ago. We have 7 main members, they are me as the captain for the AD Carry and Support roles, Colalin for Support, Stanley as Top Solo, Lilballz as our Jungler, NeXAbc as mid, Toyz as mid and our main AD Carry is Bebe .

Q: I also know for fact that Lilballz, your jungler, is very good friends with our Bigfatjiji, do you scrim a lot with CLG.NA? What are the outcomes?

Mistake: Lilballz and Bigfatjiji were high school classmates in Canada, they were also both in the original CLG.NA. After CLG.NA went to Korea we had more chances to scrim with them since both side had favourable pings. We didn't have a lot of chances to scrim with them on NA server due to timezone issues. The outcome was that we won 5-0 in the 5 games we played while they were in Korea, I think on NA servers we won 4-2 in our 6 games.

Q: Your team has seven members in total, how do you decide on who's going to play and who's getting benched? Does having seven players give you an advantage?

Mistake: Our roster is decided by me and our consultant, after discussing with team members. Having 2 players as substitutes means that we don't have to worry about people not being able to play for online tournaments.

Q: Your team is quite different to other LoL teams for another reason. You have a female support player! So Colalin, as a female player, how do you view girls in professional gaming? Are men better at the game or not?

Colalin: I think male players have an advantage in having a faster reflex but they do lack in detail when it comes to matches and female players care more about those and can remind the team if anything is missed.

Q: Is this why you play Support? Do you think Support is more suitable for girls then?

Colalin: Everybody has different likings. I prefer Support because I like to help my team to win through showing my skills at spotting details. I feel that Carry positions you need to mind a lot of things and you'll be too busy to care about details.

Q: Both Mistake and Bebe are ranked withing the top 10 in solo queue ELO on the NA server, do you find the NA server different to the Taiwan server? How would you rate the level of play on both servers?

Mistake: Actually everyone of us have been playing NA server for a long time before Taiwan server was introduced. After Taiwan server came online, most of us went to play there, but me and Bebe prefer practicing on NA. I feel that the only difference for me on these 2 servers are the pings, sicne we have around 150ping playing NA. In general, NA server's high elo gaming level is much higher than TW server, due to the fact that NA server had a much longer time to play this game. However in Taiwan, a lot of skilled players are emerging, this what we wanted to see since it would mean our time on Taiwan server would be more worthy.

Q: So strategy wise, not that much of a difference then? In yesterday's ESL Go4LoL Asia Pro-Series we saw you guys picking the half tank/dps make-up with Urgot & Soraka, Mundo, AD/Tank Top and Ryze Mid, which is what we have been seeing a lot with European teams. Can you talk a little about this kind of champion selection and how to counter it?

Mistake: Having half tank half dps champions means that we can get an advantage in early to mid game with buff control. We will focus on buffs from both sides of the jungle and reduce the growth of the enemy jungler and his ganking opportunities. I think this is why the European team prefer this kind of picks. If i was going to offer a hard counter to this I'd say it's all down to how well you know your enemies, including preparing for battles around the buff area, there are no real picks to counter this type of pick.

Q: Very detailed answer indeed. Can you tell us which matches you guys are preparing for?

Erica: we played two games yesterday facing iG and LoLadies, and tomorrow we have one more Go4LoL game against Najin e-mFire in a couple of days, April 28th-may 1st we will be flying to Shanghai to participate in Nvidia/PLU Geoforce 2012 tournament, we are in the final 4 teams, will be facing Ehome, WE and iG. After that we will also be participating in Garena Pro League, which is our company's event facing SEA countries' teams. This tournament will be an online tournamnet starting May until December. We are also going to participate in IPL, which is in May as well plus qualification for ladder ranking season 2 tournament later on.

Q: Wow you guys will be very busy indeed. You have played a lot vs the Chinese mainland teams, can you tell us a bit about them? (WE, iG, EHOME, CLC)

Mistake: They are all great teams and I think we will see amazing results from them in the future. The team that we are afraid the most is WE, since they are extremely dominat in their playstyles.

Q: The rise of Korean LoL is also a great thing to behold. Do you think LoL will develope into a system similar to the Starcraft: BW system that we saw in South Korean professional league systems where the rest of the world are totally dominated by them?

Mistake: We believe Korean teams are very strong opponents indeed but we will not let them dominate. :)

Q: Thank you guys for a great interview. Would you like to say anything else?

Mistake: Thank you for supporting us from wherever you are from. We hope that you will continue to support us in the future!

Colalin: Thank you for the interview <3

Erica: We'd like to thank our sponsors Razer, Acer, Kingston and Intel and CLG for this interview.


You can follow TPA's facebook here and catch their live streams here. CLG would like to wish them best of luck in upcoming matches and hope that they will show us great performances for our viewing pleasures.

EDIT: edited for minor grammatical errors


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khoid 2 years, 7 months ago
Lol, at some of these posts below.. GG S2 World Champs.
nicholas0901 2 years, 12 months ago
well SGS is defiantly much better then TPA
Tzu 3 years ago
TPA was really strong, however MLE (Manila Eagles) beat them once in the season making TPA score 6-1 on 7 games total played with different teams.
pkappleboy 3 years, 2 months ago
Mistake:I think on NA servers we won 4-2 in our 6 games They didnt won a game vs CLG in NA server lol.
lalalamoo1 3 years, 2 months ago
colalin is so fine
SyrusDaVirus 3 years, 2 months ago
Lilballz will be a name I will never forget no matter what happens to LoL. NFGL will live on forever!
theSTDlife 3 years, 2 months ago
been following since ftw. glad to see MrOw contributing
Kaiwei 3 years, 2 months ago
Yes, definitely a team to watch out on season 2 finals.
MrOw 3 years, 2 months ago
pretty solid team...was watching them stomping ig and loladies last night
theSTDlife 3 years, 2 months ago
Congrats on your position with CLG. Finally looking forward to proper coverage of the Asian scene.
lalalamoo1 3 years, 2 months ago
where do you watch the games?

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