Team 4Not.Fire with new LoL line-up
Team by Vanille 3 years, 2 months ago

 Dan Dinh stepped down and became the team's coach, while   Kramer and  DrTrevor are focusing more on school. Thus, 4Not was forced to rebuild their League of Legends team. 

Statement from 4Not.Fire management

Although our team is saddened to lose 3 members, I fully support their decision to pursue other ventures. Dan Dinh has proven himself to be an excellent shout caster, and we will undoubtedly see him at many future events. Kramer pursuing his education should always be a main priority for anybody, and Trevor's decision to play the game on a more casual level to pursue real-life ventures is fully understandable.
With that being said, I am excited to welcome 3 new members, OneBadBrad, TakashiX and Zekent, aka Spam happy, are great additions.

Statement from  Patrick "Parol" Krol,  AD carry of 4Not.Fire

TakashiX is a very experienced AP Carry previously on V8 and brings a whole new perspective into each and every game.His ability to play can sway any game into our favor which is what makes him perfect mid lane player.
Zekent is a solid player who understands top lane to an exceptional level and also has the ability to play a few wildcard champions which will bring some interesting matches.
OneBadBrad is a very skilled jungler. His mechanics are spot on and he is a great play-maker. Many of Brad's calls are perfect and allow us to take control of a match quickly.

New roster of  4Not.Fire below

  •  Keith "TakashiX" Horita - AP Carry 
  •  Brad "OneBadBrad" Watson - Jungler 
  •  George "Zekent" Liu - Solo Top
  •  Patrick "Parol" Krol - AD Carry
  •  Lyubomir "BloodWater" Spasov - Support

EDIT: edited for more consistent formatting and minor grammatical errors


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