Introducing CLG's Second NA Team: CLG Black
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Today CLG is proud to announce the official addition of it's second North American League of Legends team, CLG Black!

The primary reasoning behind the creation of the CLG Black team was to give the other CLG.NA roster (which will be referred to as CLG Prime moving forward) a set of highly skilled opponents to scrim and practice new strategies against on a daily basis. The team spent several weeks considering a wide array of reputable high ELO players who not only showed an ability to carry their team's in games, but also the potential to be trained and groomed from high ELO superstars, into a tournament level players.

While initially our new squad will not be sent to all major tournaments, CLG is planning on investing heavily in the development and potential of its new team. Once the both teams feel our new group is ready, you can expect not only a new team on the scene competing as a serious contender to win major tournaments, but an even more practiced and ultimately formidable CLG Prime squad. CLG Black will be making their first LAN tournament appearance at the GIGABYTE Esports LAN (GESL) in Pomona, California, June 15th-17th.   

That being said, please welcome our new team to the community!

CLG Sycho Sid // Solo Top 
CLG LiNk // Solo Mid
CLG Zuna // Jungle //
CLG Hoodstomp // AD Carry 
CLG BloodWater // Support

CLG Black also wanted to share the following statement with the community regarding their recent acquisitions.

"We are all honored and to be able to play under the CLG name. We're all well seasoned players who have put a lot of effort into League of Legends. While many would say we've already accomplished a great deal already as individuals, our inclusions in CLG Black is something else altogether. It's not only rewarding, but brings a great sense of pride to be recognized for our individual efforts in solo queue and be brought together under the CLG banner. The organization has given us an immense opportunity, and we plan to give this team our all in terms of dedication and a rigorous practice schedule with CLG Prime. We feel that we are going to become a very strong contender in the competitive scene. Expect us."

Remember to follow CLG and our players on twitter and facebook. We've got a lot of plans for MLG in June such as fan meet ups, merch giveaways, and more! All of these will be announced through twitter and facebook!

CLG facbook //
CLG twitter //!/clgaming 
HotShotGG twitter //!/CLG_HotshotGG 
Bigfatjiji twitter //!/bigfatlp 
Doublelift twitter //!/Doubleliftx 
Voyboy twitter //!/CLGVoyboy


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Blackhawk77 3 years ago
Well since it seems is running with optimus you guys should put that somewhere in this post.
GetTebowed 3 years ago
Is CLG aware of the Starcraft II team with the name "Prime"? And are they afraid of any possible copyright claims?
Hercules 3 years ago
That's like saying there is a team named black are you afraid to use the color black?
itsKarma 3 years ago
@Hercules. Could be possible, Bethesda the creator of Skyrim, filed a lawsuit against Mojang the company that helped develop Minecraft for their new game "Scrolls". This was because they thought it would infringe upon their IP "The Elder Scrolls". "Scrolls" is not a unique name.
slithergod 3 years ago
clg going down ur b team is going to take ova as #1 u guys let ur best player go and got voyboy who personally is to good for clg and as saint says u guys cant do big plays and voyboy is a big play maker so gg bye bye clg nice knowing you NOT may the rise of curse come upon us
Hercules 3 years ago
Nice grammar......
Hercules 3 years ago
Improve on your grammar before you try trolling.
Shadowska 3 years ago
Is Zuna the same as Gosu Zuna?
Blackhawk77 3 years ago
proticks 3 years ago
Where's chauster dude?
GunniH 3 years ago
If you find Chauster's twitter then we'll add it.
GetTebowed 3 years ago
Chauster doesn't like twitter.
Desiire 3 years ago
Best of luck CLG Black! I cant wait to see their info tab on the Teams Section which should be updated imo
Stixicks 3 years ago
am i correct in assuming that clg black's players will be featured streamers soon? I'd love to see their play.
Vanille 3 years ago
Feature all the things! But I am pretty sure that your assumption is right :).
hydrogencar 3 years ago
Bioe 3 years ago
Once go black...
sayocean 3 years ago
is it? ;)
ST1 3 years ago
trix are for kids
ST1 3 years ago
lol why is saintvicious twitter still listed...