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The first version of the SK Gaming Trophy passed without too much attention. Now the long time eSports organisation wants to make a change in that. Like many other developers, teams and multi gaming organisations, they revealed their revamped version of the SK Gaming Throphy.
Every month will feature weekly so called "amateur" tournaments where the top two teams of each SK Gaming Throphy will advance to the monthly professional tournament. The four best teams can win prizes in Riot Points on a weekly basis, whilst the monthly finals hold a $1,000 euro prize pool which will be divided among the top two teams. 
(Above you can find a detailed diagram showcasing the structure of the tournament. Image courtesy from SK Gaming)
Invitees Qualified
  •  SK Gaming
  •  fnatic RaidCall
  •  Counter Logic Gaming
  •  Natus Vincere
  •  WinFakt
  • Posted Image Eclypsia
  • Posted Image Millenium
  •  Moscow 5
  • Posted Image Meet Your Makers
  •  Cplay Tt.eSports
  • Posted Image Clan Poland
  • Posted Image Absolute Legends
  • Posted Image
  • Posted Image Eternity Gaming
  •  EYES on u


  • Eight teams invited by SK Gaming, eight teams advanced through qualifiers
  • Single Elimination
  • First round Best-of-1, other rounds Best-of-3


All games are shoutcasted by Deman and Rouffious. The games start at 15:00 CEST/07:00 am PST.

Round of 16

Posted Image Absolute Legends               1 vs 0  Fnatic Raidcall
 WinFakt   0 vs 1 Posted Image Meet Your Makers
Posted Image Clan Poland   1 vs 0 Posted Image Eclypsia
Posted Image Millenium   1 vs 0  EYES on u
 CPLAY Tt.eSports   0 vs 1  Counter Logic Gaming
 SK Gaming   1 vs 0 Posted Image Eternity Gaming
Posted Image   0 vs 1  Natus Vincere
 Moscow 5   1 vs 0  Team ALTERNATE


Posted Image Absolute Legends               1 vs 0 Posted Image Meet Your Makers
Posted Image Clan Poland   0 vs 1 Posted Image Millenium
 Counter Logic Gaming   0 vs 1  SK Gaming
 Natus Vincere   0 vs 1  Moscow 5


Posted Image Absolute Legends               2 vs 0 Posted Image Millenium
 SK Gaming   1 vs 2  Moscow 5

Grand Finals


Posted Image Absolute Legends               vs  Moscow 5


Source SK Gaming



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Desiire 3 years ago
wow those live updates were good.

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