Counter Logic Gaming Partners with XMG Schenker Notebooks
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CLG, one of the world's premier professional gaming organizations, today announces its partnership with XMG Schenker Notebooks, producers of some of the world's most powerful mobile computers.

Founded in 2002, Schenker Notebooks and their XMG brand have become a leading producer of gaming notebooks and standout supporter of eSports. XMG is a sponsor of mTw, the main coverage partner for the 2012 Copenhagen Games, and has been the main sponsor of HomeStory Cup since its inception.

“We are very excited and grateful for the opportunity to represent XMG to the global eSports audience,” said George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis, Founder of CLG and Captain of CLG Prime. “XMG's premiere gaming notebooks provide our teams with a huge competitive advantage; being able to work and play on demand, wherever we may be. I'm also immensely satisfied to be partnering with an organization who clearly values, is committed to, and willing to invest, in eSports. We're also looking forward to working closely with XMG on the development of their new CLG customized notebook and helping to develop cutting-edge professional gaming hardware.”

“Given the intense demands of travel required for myself and the CLG players, having an XMG notebook by us at all times is invaluable in helping to train, practice, and conduct business all over the world,” said Robert Del Papa, COO of CLG. “It has been a pleasure working with the company in developing this partnership and I am excited to see what our future together will bring.”

“Supporting the growth of eSport in a more unique way than it is usually done, was always a major goal for XMG in the past and with this cooperation, we will continue the eSport adventure with one of the most famous and skilled actors in the whole eSport community,” said Christian Hesse, eSport Manager of XMG. “We are very proud to announce that we, from this moment on, will be partnering up with Counter Logic Gaming. Working with eSport athletes for the past 3 years, helped us a lot in manufacturing the best possible Gaming Notebooks available on the market and with CLG on board we will be able to get even more precise and detailed feedback to ensure and develop the ultimate Gaming experience, XMG Notebooks are known for.”

“We are also looking forward to our brand new CLG customized Pro Gaming Notebooks, which will be worked out along with the CLG professionals,” said Michael Baumgaertner, Marketing Manager of XMG. “With the power of the XMG P502 Pro Gaming Notebook, Froggen´s Anivia will be deadlier and Misery´s Queen of Pain superior, so get ready for the new CLG! We are, once again, very happy about this cooperation and we are sure that it will last.”

XMG sponsorship of CLG will be effective immediately, pairing up the professional-grade engineering and design quality that XMG provides with some of the world's best League of Legends and Dota 2 players. CLG EU and CLG Dota2 will have their new customized notebooks delivered to them personally this weekend at DreamHack to provide just a glimpse of what is to come. CLG Prime and CLG Black will also be receiving their new notebooks shortly.

More information about XMG and Schenker Notebooks can be found at

For those of you who don't speak German, don't worry; their homepage will soon be available in English as well.

You can also follow XMG on twitter at!/XMG_Notebooks and on facebook at for news and the chance to win XMG notebooks. XMG also holds various other raffles with special prizes including an exclusive CLG raffle to follow in the near future.


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Razerr 3 years ago
TheArtisanOfWar 3 years ago
>be me >Checks >Finds out CLG has a new sponsor >Likes the sponsor's facebook page >Notices there's a giveaway for free sh!t >Freaks out >Signs up for the giveaway >Form is in German >kills self
Desiire 3 years ago
Nice :- ) I like looking at the new sponsorships of CLG. Its good to see from what use to be just 2 2 months ago.
ST1 3 years ago
very cool sponsorship! i guess i'll check these notebooks out; havent heard of them
ST1 3 years ago
Needs site in english >_<
hydrogencar 3 years ago
Nice job.
itsKarma 3 years ago
Mmm I wonder why you guys chose to sign up with a German exclusive laptop builder. I looked at their website and there is no English option. Oh well. Happy you guys have another sponsor. It looks like they sell Clevo's which are cool.
Dtreats 3 years ago
They are adding English soon.
nksk 3 years ago
Congrats on the new partnership!!!
Hi Im Paul 3 years ago
Wow what a great sponsor even shipping out some new notebooks almost immediately after the sponsorship.
Oscarmilke93 3 years ago
great news hope you have a great sponsorship :)
Hercules 3 years ago
My god CLG....stop coming out with cool shit otherwise ima go bankrupt! Grats on the partnership and looking forward to getting that laptop because I actually do need one badly xD

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