League of Life marathon starts tomorrow!
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Ovan Sama will be hosting a 24 hour marathon from 4:00 PM EST June 16 - 4:00 PM EST on the 17, for the Child's Play Charity. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity via chip-in.

For many young children, nothing soothes them more than their favorite teddy bear or Mr. bunny when they're sad or scared. This was especially true for Ovan Sama's younger sibling a few years ago, when a charity named "Child's Play" donated toys and games for the ailing child and his mental condition improved and, soon after, his health started to improve as well. Touched by the support that the "Child's Play" charity gave to his younger sibling, Ovan Sama has decided to do a 24 hour marathon to give back to the charity that helped his sibling get better.

The game of his choice will be league of legends and he'll be streaming inhouse games with people that are willing to participate in 5v5 normal blind pick, normal draft games and duoqueue ranked games. The project will be dubbed "League of Life" and the entire event will be streamed on Ovan Sama's twitch.tv account.

COO of CLG Robert Del Papa's comment about the event

Counter Logic Gaming is about supporting fans and the competitive gaming scene. Beyond just those of us who love video games, we have a responsiblity to help the community at large and find the Child’s Play Found to have a profound impact on the lives of those children who can be helped by therapeutic intervention.

Additional Links

For people wanting to participate in the marathon, you can join the "League of Life" chat on pvp.net for more details or add IGN: Ovan Sama ingame.

So tune-in to the League of Life marathon this Saturday! We might even see Cyberbob or other League celebrities joining in on the cause!


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