GESL: Day One
Tournament Featured by Bioe 3 years ago

There has been a change of formatting during the tournament as the tournament now will progess in bo3 format

I (Bioe) would like to personally apologize for not getting this information out earlier, it seems that from day two the tournament will progess in a best of three format.

Day One: Teams play a bo1 round robin to determine seeding

Day Two: Single elim/Bo3 brackets for all eight teams

Day Three: Championship day


Team SoloMid and Team Dynamic head into the bracket stages of GESL as the top teams of their respective groups

The Gigabyte eSports LAN Tournament start off with a rocky start as the tournament was unable to start on time due to some difficulties connecting to the internet in the League of Legends designated areas.

user "MinistryofPain" Described the situation via reddit post:

Apparently the venue, the Bronco Student Center, turned off the internet in the LoL room and the school doesn't have anyone to turn it on right now. SoCal esports (the people running this shindig) checked it every day this past week and it all worked, including yesterday evening. Everything was paid for and everything, but someone from the school wasn't paying attention when they turned it off.

After the Delayed start, the tournament made up on loss time by quickly getting the matches together and even going ahead of schedule during some points of the tournament.


Group A

Team Dynamic continues to show their dominant play during LAN event and their aggressive strategies landed them top position going into the bracket stages. Counter Logic Gaming might be disappointed that they didn't get first place in their group, but they managed to take wins off of the under-performing mTw and Dirtnap Gaming. DirtNap Gaming showed that they aren't just a "casual team" that can be taken lightly as they beat mTw.NA in the round robin and gave CLG a scare when they took 3 kills early in the bottom lane against CLG. MTW might be hoping for better days ahead as they managed to score 0 points on the first day.

Rank Group A W L MW ML MD
1 Team DynamicLoL 3 0 3 0 3
2 Counter Logic G… 2 1 2 1 1
3 DirtNap Gaming 1 2 1 2 -1
4 MTW NA 0 3 0 3 -3


Group B

TSM seem to be getting pretty comfortable at the top as they managed to arrive at their stations late from oversleeping. This didn't stop the half-awake players from taking first place in Group B as they won all three matches in day one. CLG Black showed some promise in their first LAN tournament as they beat out Curse and TGF and taking second place in the group, but the real challenge lies ahead in the bracket stages. Team Curse will be hoping to perform a bit better tomorrow, as they looked a bit shaky with their two losses on day one. TGF came out with zero wins during the round robin, but who knows if they might pull an upset tomorrow?

Rank Group B W L MW ML MD
1 Team SoloMid 3 0 3 0 3
2 CLG.Black 2 1 2 1 1
3 Curse Gaming 1 2 1 2 -1
4 Team Green Fore… 0 3 0 3 -3


Tomorrow's Schedule

Although the tournament did not proceed as scheduled on the first day, this is the tentative schedule for all events tomorrow

June 16, 2012

Doors Open at 9:00AM
Pre-show starts at 10:00AM
Tournament Matches start at 11:00AM
BYOC Opens at 10:00AM
BYOC Closes at 1:00AM
Tournament Ends at 9:00PM


The GESL progresses into the bracket stages tomorrow.


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TeKo 3 years ago
You guys should get Kobe back to CLG and let him cast EVERYTHING.
j4yk3 3 years ago
what time zone? PST?
Desiire 3 years ago
w0t teh fuck? Bioe can you relate this format they have announced to another tournament so we can have a better understanding? e.g. IEM, IPL formats. sooo
emailform 3 years ago
thanks alot for doing this, it realy annoys me trying to get information on tournys when most of the sites are so annoying to navigate for information and agian thanks
Desiire 3 years ago
this tournament has a crazy setup and doesn't publish how its formatted. I don't like the LoL communities response on how they have ran at the moment which was very over the top for a tournament they has been made this large by themselves. Best of luck CLG.Black and! Show them what you can do! CLG Fighting!~!~!~!~!~
asdfg 3 years ago
who is playing against who in the brackets :C?
Bioe 3 years ago
I will update the post as soon as I find out, but it's most likely TSM vs mTw, Dynamic vs TGF, CLG Prime vs Curse, CLG Black vs Dirtnap
Bioe 3 years ago
Don't quote me on my guess though
TeKo 3 years ago
Sure that all teams are still in? I thought only top 2 of each group advance and its: CLG.P vs TSM and CLG.B vs TD
lvl_15_squirtle 3 years ago
I'm sure Bioe is right, because I remember Torch saying that last night after CLG.Prime vs Dirtnap. @Teko yesterday was just group stages, today is when single elimination happens.
TeKo 3 years ago
Hmm strange one day for seeding only.

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