GESL: Day Two
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Team SoloMid and CLG Black are the final teams that remain in the brackets as the second day of GESL has concluded. CLG Prime and Team Dynamic will battle it out for third place, and TSM will face CLG Black to determine who takes home the $6000 first place prize.

One of the reasons why people LoL the current North American League of Legends scene is because of the interactions of the teams with each other. Most of the North American teams consider each other good friends and whenever they meet together in offline events they seem to enjoy each others company mingling amongst each other and celebrating together. However, When it comes to the actual matches the whole atmosphere changes. The matches are filled with rivalries and intertwined with drama and emotion that will make any reality tv producer clap in awe.

Today was a day of rivalries as former teammates went head to head to prove who were the better team in the Curse vs. CLG Prime match. The oldest and longest rivalry in League of Legends commenced it's epic war against each other in the form of CLG Prime vs. TSM, and two upcoming and promising teams, Team Dynamic and CLG Black, have locked horns in an effort to prove themselves to the world.


Quarter-final results

The opening games between CLG Black and DirtNap Gaming went in favor of CLG Black as they added another tally to their name by defeating Dirtnap Gaming 2-0. TD also exposed the unpreparedness of Team Green Forest as they breezed past their opponents 2-0. Saintvicious and Elementz will have to wait another day to overthrow their former teammates as Curse took a game off CLG Prime, but lost the set 1-2. mTw have been feeling very generous over this weekend as they awarded TSM two more wins but did not decide to take any wins for themselves.

CLG Black 2-0 DirtNap Gaming
Team Dynamic 2-0 Team Green Forest
CLG Prime 2-1 Curse NA
Team SoloMid 2-0 mTw NA


Semi-final results

The undying rivalry of CLG and TSM continues, but at the moment TSM seems to have the upper hand on CLG as they have defeated them in best of three sets for their last three encounters. The games always seem to be close for both CLG and TSM as the difference between a single baron buff or small mistake seems to tip the favor in either direction. In today's case, TSM managed to break the 1-1 tie in the third match by sneaking a baron against an unaware CLG to win the set 2-1 and advance into the finals. As for the two upcoming teams in CLG Black and Team Dynamic, CLG Black managed to make their mentors proud by winning 2-0 against TD in a very convincing manner as they head into the finals of their first tournament.

TSM 2-1 CLG Prime
Team Dynamic 0-2 CLG Black              


After the game semi-final matches, CLG Black's Hoodstomp was interviewed about his team and their performances. Regarding their game against TSM tomorrow he said:

I think we have a pretty good chance of winning. Obviously TSM is a very strong team but so are we. We have a good feel for what TSM runs, they pretty run the same (team) composition every time, so we can adapt to that and learn how to play against them so I feel like we have a pretty good chance of winning.

The matches for day three will start at 11:00 a.m. PST (9:00 p.m. CEST)

So tune into the GESL stream tomorrow to find out who will take first in the Gigabye eSports LAN!


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lalalamoo1 3 years ago
cant wait till clg has voyboy that way can teach tsm who is really boss. right now tsm acts as if xhazzard is on the same level as voyboy. well at least on ama and there posts. they probably know in the back of their heads clg will be way stronger with voyboy.
nksk 3 years ago
Well done CLG.Black!! Did not expect them to get to finals! As for CLG.Prime, good play against tsm, better luck next time ><
Desiire 3 years ago
These results at these events are marvellous! GoGo CLG! Cheering for you guys! And hopefully Team Dynamic do not finish 4th AGAIN! after 3 straight tournaments in a row (I know they are facing but its just unlucky for them :P)
jackbear 3 years ago
Friendly reminder: Should be Team Dynamic 0-2 CLG Black :) Awesome summary of the day! Thanks!
Bioe 3 years ago
it's funny how I managed to write that they 2-0 TD in the writing but make the infographic 2-1

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