MiG Turns a Little More Bashful
Team by Bioe 3 years ago

Sang Myun "조흔아이디어소개좀" Park has been recruited by MiG Frost to be their top laner, while their current Top laner Gun Woong" MiG GunWoong" Chang has replaced former team member Yoon Sup "Locodoco" Choi as their AD carry.

 Park's IGN "조흔아이디어소개좀" literally translates to "please give me a good idea" in Korean. Park got introduced to the best idea of his life as he accepted the proposal to join the professional League of Legends team  MiG Frost, and got a summoner name change to boot. Park, now known as "MiG Shy", has been relatively unknown before he was picked up, but will be filling the role as top laner for his new team.

There is a trend of swaps and changes within the Korean LoL scene at the moment as many teams are adding new players to their rosters and swapping around the positions of their current line-ups to fine tune and optimize their teams in preparation for their preliminary matches for the AZUBU the Champions Summer 2012.

MiG Frost current line-up

Player Position IGN
Sang Myun Park Top Lane         MiG Shy
Hyung Woo Lee Jungler MiG CloudTemplar
Min Sung Jung AP Mid MiG Rapidstar
Gun Woong Chang AD carry MiG Gunwoong
Min Kee Hong Support MiG Madlife

The preliminary rounds for the Azubu The Champions Summer 2012 are well into their final stages, and  CLG Prime will be having their first match in Korea on Friday June 22 ,19:30 pm Korean time (or 2:30am PST, 12:30pm CEST). 


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Jesoy 3 years ago
Just a note: Both MiG teams have been picked up by Azubu so they have new names and new logos. Azubu Blaze and Azubu Frost.
Eladir 3 years ago
Looking forward for this tournament, it has the potential to be the best one so far. Hopefully both CLG teams do well there and get ready for the season 2 finals.
Vanille 3 years ago
Locodoco joined StarTale over a month ago, we reported and wrote about it as well : )
Aiuel 3 years ago
fedekun, Locodoco is with StarTale now afaik. He left/was kicked (idk) from frost soon after their loss against mig.blaze in the finals several months ago.
fedekun 3 years ago
WHY LOCODOCO WHY?! Where is he going?! >:

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