CLG Store Partnering With Team Dignitas in Europe!
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Counter Logic Gaming is pleased to announce that our official distribution partner in Europe for orders from our store will be our good friends at Team Dignitas. Team Dignitas are based in the United Kingdom and all European orders (only)  will be despatched from there, meaning that your orders will be delivered much quicker than they would if we were to ship them from the USA. Orders for the rest of the world will be handled as usual from our office in Seattle.
Overall, you can expect quicker orders from the store in Europe. Check out the CLG store and order with confidence if you're in Europe.



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Desiire 3 years ago
That is a great idea! Fantastic Work! Now work on the Oceanic Customers who are eagerly throwing money at their screens hoping it would work ;P
Raekna 3 years ago
I bought a T-shirt a few days ago, and I'm European. Will it come from the UK or USA ? Also, what's the average delivery time if it comes from NA ?

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