SoloMid Weekly Invitational
Tournament by Vanille 3 years ago

Team Dynamic wins the first TSM weekly Invitational after beating out Team Curse in the finals.

Curse was first knocked into the losers bracket by TD, but they regained their posture and clawed themselves back into the finals and even reset the brackets. In the end TD proved to be the better team as they finished on top of Curse the very last best-of-three.

Invitational Bracket: here

TSM will keep the North American fans entertained at home with CLG and Dignitas are away as they will be holding weekly tournaments with over $100,000 invested in these tournaments.


 Team Solo Mid,  Counter Logic Gaming and  team Dignitas are unable to attend any of the three upcoming Solomid Invitationals due to other obligations.

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Despite enduring DDOS-attacks the previous invitationals on the European and North American realms were a great succes for Solo Mid. Featured teams, stream and shoutcasters lived up to the expectations of the community whilst the prize pool for each invitational most likely satisfied the participants. Now the organization and community website has announced weekly tournaments for the upcoming three weeks with ten top teams from North America being invited. For the first week the details have been completely released, further details on the other two weeks will come soon.


Line-up June 23rd - 24th

  •  Team Curse
  •  Team Dynamic
  •  Team Solo Mid EVO
  •  Orbit Gaming
  •  mTw.NA
  •  4Not.Fire
  •  vVv Gaming
  •  Team Green Forest
  •  Legion Gaming
  •  Absolute Legends NA

Prize Pool

Want to know more about the tournament? Brackets are available. The games are shoutcasted by  Wombat Studio and  FourCourtJester.

Line-up June 28 - 29 so far

Team Solo Mid, team Curse, Team Dynamic, Orbit Gaming, mTw.NA, Dirtnap Gaming, mMe, Lzuhura Gaming and 4Not.Fire.

Prize Pool

$5,000 and $2,000 worth of hardware
Casted by Kobe, Studio, FourtCourtJester and others.

Line-up July 7 - 8 so far

 Team Curse, Team Dynamic, Orbit Gaming, mTw.NA, Dirtnap Gaming, Absolute Legends NA, Legion Gaming, The Green Forest, Lzuhura Gaming and mMe.

Prize Pool

Casted by Kobe, FourCourtJester and others. 

Format and Important Rules

  • Tournament starts at 1:00 PM EST on each and every play date.
  • Players are allowed to stream Upper Bracket RO16, RO8, R4 and Lower Bracket R16, R8 and R4. 
  • For each invitational there are ten participating teams
  • Games are played as Best-of-Threes and the structure is double-elimination
  • The Round of 16, Round of 8, Round of 4 and Losers Bracket Round of 8 and Round of 4 are played on Day One, Day Two features the remaining matches including ones that can not be completed on Day One.

Source Solo Mid


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Desiire 3 years ago
Ahhhh it said that in Curse won the finals 2-1 ?? Mistake or ??
Vanille 3 years ago
No. They played a Best-of-3, won by the winners of the Losers Bracket making the decisive Best-of-3 the end result which was won by Team Dynamic.
swiercu007 3 years ago
We dont need CLG B when Kobe will cast <3
BoJamz 3 years ago
CLG black too stronk
BoJamz 3 years ago
TSM scared of CLG black lol
MG Storm 3 years ago
How did 4Not get invited over CLG Black?
Razerr 3 years ago
scumbay tsm
Razerr 3 years ago
jackbear 3 years ago
Thats the difference between CLG and TSM. Some douches do not want an organization that is somehow against them to improve. What an egoism.
Moderate 3 years ago
"Now the organization and community website has announced weekly tournaments for the upcoming three weeks with ten top teams from North America being invited" no ;o even though they placed second in gesl
Vanille 3 years ago
CLG Black declined because they are playing in another invitational. Will update you guys later today.
Craften 3 years ago
Heh Vanille, you just made some people look pretty dumb, since they just assumed stuff they didn't know.