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Team Green Forest and " xHazzard's team" have been replaced by Lzuruha Gaming and Kill Steal Gaming.

Due to TGF being unable to field a full roster of players, they have opted to forfeit out of the tournament. The team which was formerly known as "xHazzard's team" will have to find another name for their team as xHazzard has joined Monomaniac eSports.

KSG will face Team Dignitas in the first round of the tournament while Lzh will face Team Curse.

More information will be updated as released.

Source: Leaguepedia

Leaguepedia, a League of Legends wikipedia site run by Absolute Legends, will host the "Leaguepedia NA Invitationals" starting 5:00 p.m. June 29. The tournament will feature 16 teams (including  CLG Black) who will compete for gaming gear provided by the sponsors of the tournament as well as a tentative $5000 prize pool.

There's an old Native American saying that says "If you chase two rabbits a, you will lose both." This weekend will be a nice spectacle as  TSM Evo,  Team Dynamic,  Team Curse,  Orbit Gaming,  mTw.NA ,  Dirtnap Gaming,  4Nothing and  Monomaniac eSports will all be chasing two rabbits as they are all booked to perform at the SoloMid.net Weekly Invitational and the Leaguepedia NA Invitational which will be running back to back without rest. Whether or not these teams will be performing in both tournaments is yet to be determined. But, with the amount cash prizes at the end of each of tournament, who can blame them for trying?

The tournament will be played in a single elimination bracket with all matched in the best-of-three sets, and the number of available bans have been raised to eight as each team will be allowed four bans per round. The tournament will also be stream on twitch.tv and will be casted by  Tom "Optimus Tom" Searfoss and  Randall "Wombat" Fitzgerald.

Participating teams (tentative)

According to the leaguepedia website (at 7:00 a.m. PST June 25), 16 teams can be seen on the schedule with the Team Dignitas and Team Dynamic top seed in the tournament, and familiar faces from MLG in the form of  Team MRN and  Team Green Forest in the schedule along with the teams mentioned earlier in the article.  Team Legion will be testing their new roster in this tournament, and  Ordinance Gaming, lead by team captain Spellsy, will have another try in breaking into competitive League of Legends. A Former CLG sub and solo queue player will also lead another team as a team with the name " xHazzard's team" has been included in the Schedule.

Tentative Bracket
 Team Dynamic vs.  Team MRN
 Monomaniac eSports vs.     4nothing Fire                  
 CLG Black vs.  Absolute Legends
 Team Legion vs.  TSM Evo
 Team Curse vs.  Team Green Forest
 Orbit Gaming vs.  Dirtnap Gaming
 mTw NA vs.  Ordinance Gaming
 xHazzard's Team vs.  Team Dignitas

Prize Pool Distribution ($3000 in cash + $2000 in gear) totalling to

  • - $2500
  • - $1500
  • - $750
  •  - $250

Gaming gear will also be distributed amongst the winners as Gunnar Optiks, Razer and Elobuff will provide additional prizes

This article will be updated as new information is announced.

Source: Leaguepedia


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MG Storm 3 years ago
Why does 4Not keep get invited to tournament that havent won anything since dan left
Cloud9rc 3 years ago
Leaguepedia is not run by Absolute Legends, its run by me. :P Thanks for the news post! We appreciate it!
xOmega 3 years ago
Velthered 3 years ago
xHazzard's team????
Aiuel 3 years ago
This article needs serious editing (most importantly, get the names of the sponsors right - "Gunnar Optiks" and "Razer")... Thanks for the info though.
Bioe 3 years ago
Thanks, I'll try now to write news at 2:00am anymore x_x

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