New Ducks and Lions
Team by Vanille 3 years ago

Europe's competitive scene is growing exponentionally with teams popping up like weeds and familiar faces introducing roster changes each and every three to four months.

source Low Land Lions

 The new  Low Land Lions line up was introduced three days ago but has already taken home two prizes in smaller tournaments winning both 4GAMERS Legends and ESL Go4LoL Benelux.  Not long ago  Chris "Sneaky" Esser was benched as captain from Low Land Lions which was followed by him joining the Australian giant  Sequential Gaming. He now returns to his old nest Low Land Lions along with some faces unfamiliar to the competitive scene. 

Roster Low Land Lions

Name IGN Position
 Chris Esser Sneaky AD Carry
 Bas Groeneweg VisionN Support
 Kwok Ming Wan Groarr AP Mid
 Bram Knol Morsu Toplaner
 Joeri Roelofs Pronooblol Jungler
Statement from  Chris "Sneaky" Esser on Low Land Lions
I have trialed and contacted many players in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) scene. Finally I ended up with the five players stated above. We are currently making a lot of progression and I am confident that we will eventually get back to the level that Low Land Lion's League of Legends deserves.
The up and coming  Playing Ducks organization was not looking to expand into League of Legends after dissapointing results from their previous team. However the tide has turned as the former Low Land Lions team left the organization and became free agents. They now join the rankings of Playing Ducks and are hoping for success on both offline and online events under their new flag.

Roster Playing ducks

Name IGN Position
 Eelco Poelstra Alibabba Support
 Stijn Neomagus Tarzan Jungler
 Jamie Duburg Foton AD Carry
 Sofyan Rechchad CozQ AP Carry
 Christopher van Oudheusden Kaas x Baas Toplaner
Statement from  Eelco "Alibabba" Poelstra on Absolute Legends
After taking our time to find the right organisation to help us achieve our goals we found Playing-Ducks and they offered us a great opportunity. We hope this will be a great relationship for both parties. As a team we hope to win as many offline and online tournaments as possible.


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