SoloMid Weekly Invitational #2: Day One
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After the first day of matches, Team Curse and Team Dynamic remain the the winners bracket while CLG Black, Monomaniac eSports and mTw.NA hang on to dear life in the losers bracket.


Thomas Edison once said: "Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration". After a day of much perspiration (metaphorically), Team Solo Mid will probably appreciate what Edison said as they have been knocked out of the tournament by Curse and mTw.NA. This is marks the end of a long tournament winning streak, but it also marks the beginning of a new chapter in League of Legends as teams will be hungry to have a taste of the giant now that they know he is beatable. TSM join Ordinance gaming, Lzuruha Gaming and Dirtnap Gaming as they exit the tournament early.

Alex "TSM Xpecial" Chu's twitter post about their performance today

These were the first games we played as 5 since GESL (3 weeks ago). If we won this too, it would have been crazy! Now we have motivation ^o^

The winner of the tournament will be decided tomorrow and the matches resumes starting 12:00 p.m. PST.

Day one results

Winner's bracket

mMe   2-0 LzH
TSM 2-0 mMe
Crs 2-0 DNG
TD 2-0 mTw.NA
CLG Black 2-1 OG
TSM 1-2 Crs
TD 2-0 CLG Black     

Loser's Bracket

mTw.NA   2-0 LzH
mMe 0-0 Dirtnap
OG 0-2 mTw.NA
TSM 0-2 mTw.NA 



CLG Black will start off the day tomorrow with their match against mMe

Bracket information

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