LoL hits #1 most played game in Korea!
Website by snackattack 3 years, 2 months ago

We have known for a while that League’s popularity in Korea has been exploding. Already we have seen League of Legends surpass Starcraft Brood War. However, it has just hit a much more major milestone, becoming the #1 most played game in Korean PC bangs.

As anyone who follows E-sports knows, Korea is seen as the original, and still the largest center for e-sports globally. The OGN tournament was seen as a sign that Korea was interested in making League of Legends into a more competitive e-sport. This in combination with League of Legends becoming the most popular game in Korea, could be the combination of popularity and competitive interest that a game needs to become the next Brood War. Hopefully this is just another sign that League of Legends is going to continue growing larger and larger as a highly competitive e-sport.

Statistical Ranking (based on time time played in PC bangs)
League of Legends: 13.91%
Aion: 13.01%
Sudden Attack: 10.17%
StarCraft: 5.73%

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