CLG appoints new CEO, Helen “RealMomGG” Georgallidis
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LONDON, Ontario, July 1st, 2012 - Counter Logic Gaming, one of the world’s premier professional gaming organizations, today announced the appointment of Helen “RealMomGG” Georgallidis as Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Georgallidis was recruited by CLG to increase the growth trajectory of the company and replaces former CEO and Co-Founder, George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis. Mr. Georgallidis will retain final authority on all business decisions and provide input on the long term goals of the organization, but will now be able to put his full attention and effort into being a player.

“As CLG has continued to grow far beyond what I could have ever expected, I feel a transition is necessary in order to push the organization to the next level,” said George Georgallidis, Co-Founder of CLG and Captain of CLG Prime.  “Helen’s enthusiasm for eSports and leadership qualities are what I feel is necessary to help CLG take that step, and I have every confidence that she will be successful in carrying our momentum and success forward even further.” 
No stranger to new opportunities, prior to joining CLG Helen Georgallidis taught hundreds of students over the past twenty-seven years ranging all ages, to all subjects, with over two decades in French Immersion. Striving to make a difference for all students who have traditionally struggled in school, she headed up a two year action research project with the help of neuroscientists around the world, to pilot computer software and innovative teaching techniques that would make a difference in the lives of all students, so they could succeed in school. Leading by example, she’s strongly committed to a coaching/mentoring approach and has devoted her free time to supporting and encouraging talented young teachers to reach out and make a difference in the lives of each and every student, regardless of abilities, every day.
“A talented and very dedicated group of people contribute to the overall success of a company as big as CLG,” said Ms. Georgallidis, CEO of CLG. “Over the past two years since WCG 2010, I've lent more and more support with the legal and financial sides in helping grow the company.  Our vision is to put ourselves in the forefront of eSports. To make that happen, George asked me to take over a more prominent role to help run the business, so he could focus more on the players, on streaming and on his own performance. My background and training in education has been a good fit with my new CEO role. I've closely followed League of Legends since the beginning when George started streaming and I'm proud to contribute to CLG's continued success and the growth of eSports.”
Ms. Georgallidis joins the current executive management team of CTO/Co-Founder, Alexander “Vodoo" Beutel, who through his hard work behind the scenes, has turned into one of the most popular networks for League of Legends, and Robert “CyberBob” Del Papa, who has utilized his entrepreneurial background to manage the operations and acquire major partnerships for the organization. Helen Georgallidis will now sit on the board and serve as CEO effective immediately.


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yonex_X 3 years ago
She is hotshot's mother?
AppleO 3 years ago
Unexpected...REALLY unexpected :o for I hope she can help :D good luck with the new CEO ;-9
Desiire 3 years ago
Eladir 3 years ago
Helen has been involved for quite some time, this is more of an official announcement. Looks like a really good move, Hotshot needs to focus more on playing as season 2 finals are closing in. Go Go CLG #1
Dee 3 years ago
gg :) congrats!
TwinsenOd 3 years ago
Hellen ( Eleni ) , George ( Giorgos) Georgallidis !! Greeks have the power :)
YuhMudda 3 years ago
London ON?! is there an Office/Store there i can go to Check out some CLG stuff??? (HUGE FAN)
FakeMomGG 3 years ago
I am forever happy that my real counterpart has attained the position of CEO.
Razerr 3 years ago
JarmanIV 3 years ago
Do is proud HotMomGG
ZomgOranges 3 years ago
why not momshotgg?

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