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This edition of CLG interviews will be with our very own  Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis, the jungler for  CLG.EU. I do believe he needs no furthere introductions as one of the best junglers in the world. In this interview he discusses with us his recent endeavours at MLG Anaheim and DreamHack Summer, his expectations and plans for OGN Summer in Korea next week, and his experiences and preferences as a jungler.


Q: Hello we have our lovely Snoopeh with us today for this edition of CLG interviews, first of all how are you today?

A: Hey Michelle! I'm doing fine thanks, enjoying the lovely weather in "Sunny Scotland" (... It's pouring of rain).

Q: Oh I would know (I'm Scottish too...) CLG.EU has been on fire recently with an impressive performance at MLG Anaheim and absolutely dominating streak at DreamHack without dropping a game. How do you feel about your team right now?

A: I actually feel like we could have done better at MLG Anaheim, a few things didn't go our way and as it was our first "large" event - I guess we took a lot of positives from it moving onto Dreamhack. I feel very good about my team right now, it's not just about being called "The best in Europe" - it's the fact that I can genuinely appreciate every single one of my team mates in a game and that they can maintain a positive attitude throughout. One of the hardest things in a competitive team game, is staying level headed and being able to rely on your team mates and I believe I've found that in CLG.EU.

Q: M5 has been considered probably the strongest offline team ever in the LoL scene, yet recently they seem to have fallen off a bit. They were always the team with the new innovations yet recently they have played very traditionally and has achieved a poor result compared to their former glory, why do you think that is?

A: I don't believe M5 are leagues above any of the other teams, the only difference is they took it seriously before anyone else did (perhaps excluding the Asians, although they were relatively new to the scene) - From having bootcamps prior to lan events, discuss tactics and analysing games - they were one of the only teams to really "step it up." Now other teams are starting to do the same thing and I don't believe Moscow 5 can continue their dominance (as was seen at Dreamhack)

Q: Both CLG.Prime and CLG.EU are often compared with together, no doubt that both teams are considered world powerhouses. What are your opinions of the strengths and weaknesses of both teams? Do you consider EU to be better or worse?

A: I would say in the previously line up, we were very different teams - however with HotshotGG moving to the jungle and them picking up Voyboy, as well as taking a much more "serious" approach to competing - I believe we will become quite similar teams. There is no doubt that both teams have amazing potential with very skilled players and it is up to both teams to utilize the gaming house in Korea to tap into that potential. I wouldn't say one team is stronger than the other, I believe they are both very good and we will play against each other in Korea over a prolonged period of time - so that will allow us (and others) to judge/compare us.

Q: As a jungle player you are famed for your beyond annoying ganks, CLG.Prime's HotshotGG has been jungling a while now, do you believe that George will suit this position better than his predecessor Saintvicious?

A: The one thing which is very different from George in comparison to Saintvicious is that he is willing to be flexible and is very much team focused, sometimes to his own detriment but as a jungler it can be a very good quality to have. Saint was always concerned about carrying the game, playing junglers such as Shyvana, Nocturne or other bruisers and always would prioritise farming - whereas I believe the jungler role is more suited to champions which can make use of GP/10 items and build auras such as Aegis, Frozen Heart, Shurelyas or Randuins and should also perform the "CC" (Crowd Control) role.

Q: You will be going to Korean to participate in OGN summer alongside teams such as CLG.Prime and Dignitas, are you confident that you will do well? What are your opinions on Korean teams?

A: I wouldn't make any assumptions before going to Korea, I don't really know how good they are. One thing I do know is that it's probably going to be the best circumstances for us to practice for the Season Two regional qualifiers, due to how committed, driven and motivated the Asian teams are to practicing. We fully intend to take advantage of our time in Korea and make the best possible use of the gaming house by creating strict schedules which we adhere to - I just hope we actually do and not just say we are going to like our CLG.Prime counter-part did for OGN Spring.

Q: Another team which will be going into OGN Summer is the Chinese powerhouse World Elite, how much do you know about them? They are famed for their flawless botlane and extremely well organised 5man ganks. Any thoughts on them?

A: The last time I witnessed World Elite in action was at IEM Guangzhou when I was a part of SK - They are very talented, committed guys and even though they have undergone some line up changes since then they remain at the top of the Asian scene. I spoke to their manager "Aaaron" recently and we will be scrimming against them regularly while we are in Korea. I can't really make an accurate assesment of them until we start playing against them, but I do expect them to be very good.

Q: Each CLG.EU player has their own trademark champions, eg, Froggen's Anivia, Yellowpete's Urgot, Wickd's Irelia and Krepo's Janna. Which champion would you consider as your trademark champion?

A: I have notoriously played alot of Alistar and Maokai - ever since Kings of Europe games against Moscow 5 those have been attributed to being my "main champions" - even though I've not been playing them much recently, I'm still very confident on them. I believe the role of a jungler is to be very crown control orientated which is why I favor those over other junglers.

Q: I guess there are 2 different types of jungling champions? Those champions such as Maokai, Nautilus and Amumu which go for GP10 then aegis/frozen heart/oracle and focus on teamfights. Then there are those champions such as Nocturne, Lee Sin and Shyvana which has unreliable CC or no CCs but extremely strong ganks. Which do you prefer? And why?

A: As I stated previously, the role of a jungler should  be to primarily provide some form of CC to the team composition. That is because a junglers 'income' or 'gold generation' is never stable, it varies significantly and can be affected by a lot of factors. Therefore it is much "safer" to play junglers which can go for the GP/10 route and building aura items which will provide a much more stable and reliable role for the team regardless of how the game is going. If you were to fall behind on a GP/10 orientated jungler, it will be very hard to catch up.

Q: What are the things you look forward to in Korea? Will you guys be streaming a lot?

A:  I really look forward to meeting everyone in Korea and being able to make use of the "Gaming House" environment which we have never had as a team yet, in comparison to other teams such as TSM, Moscow 5, CLG.Prime, Curse and Fnatic - who have all made use of some form of "boot camp," which I believe gave them a significant advantage over us at LAN tournaments. I also hope to get myself in shape! Strict eating and exercise regime while I'm there and hopefully I manage to pull that one off. We are going to create some form of schedule which ensures we all get some exercise done, as well as stream and scrim. 

Q: Any final shoutouts?

A: I would really like to thank the fans again for their continued support, especially those that helped us get to Dreamhack - which motivated us considerably and we were able to claim 1st place there. Shoutout to our sponsors own3D, XMG, Razer & ELOBUFF who allow us to compete in these tournaments all over the world with financial and hardware support - without them it wouldn't be possible!

CLGaming would like wish our boys the best of luck at OGN and hope that they will bring us great performances for our viewing pleasures. Do check us out on own3D and expect great quality streams fully covering their everyday gaming experiences. 


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Frenzo 3 years ago
Good luck in Korea :)
snoopeh 3 years ago
A little intoxicated while doing this, hopefully it all reads coherently ^^
Hercules 3 years ago
Looks fine to me, gl in korea! You should learn some korean words.
madscorvenius 3 years ago
Hey Snoopeh i know this might not be the right place to do this but: Im trying to reroll from toplaner to jungle. Do you have a few advises to give? Thank you very much Btw good luck in Korea
MrOw 3 years ago
true scots drink san miguel not sol beer...huehuehue
BoJamz 3 years ago
Snoopeh op
Desiire 3 years ago
Dat Snoopeh.

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