Kikis is not a Legend anymore
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After Dreamhack Summer 2012 teams that showed a dissapointing performance are rapidly changing their roster in order to be ready for the Season Two Championship Finals, but will it work? 

As it has been said multiple times before, teams that have changed their roster the least are currently at the top of the leaderboards.  Team Solo Mid and  Moscow 5 are currently ranked first in both of their respective regions. But what is so special about that? A lot of big and famous organizations want to participate in the Season Two Championship Finals, or just have a team represent them for League of Legends due to the insane amounts of money. However we can all agree on the fact that this does not work as the teams that are currently paving out the way for themselves to the Championship Finals are the organizations that have not changed their rosters as much as others.
pl flag Mateusz "Kikis" Szkudlarek leaves pl flag Absolute Legends due to internal struggles with the team and the management. pl flag Fryderyk "Veggie" Koziol, team captain of AL states that he has mixed feelings on the departure of Kikis. You can find the complete extract from his statement from Absolute Legends below.
"I have mixed feelings about the depature of Kikis. On one side he was known to play in the top teams and perform very well, on the other hand we never really thought he played better than our previous player so his addition was questionable. I guess i was hoping his LAN experience would really help but he didn't really show anything spectacular during DH. Maybe he wasn't motivated enough as he told us that he was secretly looking for another team even after a week of playing with us. I don't think that the team atmosphere was bad like he stated, more like there wasn't that secret "synergy" element that is extremely needed in the top teams. For now we can't 100% confirm our new lineup till we qualify for Warsaw and go to our bootcamp. I wish Kikis the best of luck in his new team, during the time playing with him i never really felt like we made enough progress as a team (so I felt like we wasted time) and tbh the only toplane i have ever had good synergy with is Puki Style(he used to play top in the old DELTA team which never actually could show the true potential it had) so i hope for the best."

Absolute Legends roster

Name IGN Role
pl flag Pawel Koprianuk AL Celaver AP Carry
pl flag Lukasz Zygmunciak AL Puki Style Toplaner
pl flag Fryderyk Koziol AL Veggie Jungler
pl flag Piotr Prokop AL superAZE Support
pl flag Daniel Nowak AL Biker Manager roster

Name IGN Role
 Jacco Broeder                       Broetoe                   Jungler
 Rasmus Skinneholm MrRallez AD Carry      
pl flag Mateusz Szkudlarek Kikis Toplaner
 Oliver Lonning Hakwdon AP Carry
 Benjamin Olden Fluumis Support



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Desiire 3 years ago
oh my god what the fuck.

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