own3D.tv announces CLG Premium in partnership with CLG
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Today Counter Logic Gaming is excited to announce the launch of the SUMMER TIME special of its premium service package, CLG Premium, through own3D.tv.

While you may be familiar with similar premium service offerings for other popular streamers on different streaming platforms, CLG and own3D have teamed up to bring CLG fans something unique. In addition to unlimited access to your favorite streams in HD with no ads, CLG players and personalities will be offering extra value to premium owners through: CLG store giveaways, hardware giveaways, community games with players, chances to get one on one coaching, and more!

For our introductory Summer Pilot, we will be offering an opportunity to win in a raffle new CLG mouse, mouse pad, signed CLG shirts. This will be only available to those that sign during this period!

As an owner of CLG Premium, you'll get access to all of these benefits with every streamer on the CLG network which includes: all of CLG Prime, CLG EU, CLG Black, CLG Dota 2, xHazzard, CLG Shoutcasters (CLG Tournament streams), Lapaka, CyberBob, and Kaiwei.

For the rest of the Summer, CLG Premium is being offered at a special introductory price of $4.99 a month. After August it will be offered at its regular price of $7.99 a month. CLG Premium is live now! To sign up, simply go to the link below. Soon, you can go to the livestream of any CLG network member and look for the “Premium” button above the title of the stream. 

Be one of the first to signup now at:  http://www.own3d.tv/clgame


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JosepheneBrooks22 2 years, 10 months ago
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PnoyBoye 2 years, 12 months ago
No wonder I'm not able to watch their streams on my iPhone anymore... I am very sad now...
Blackhawk77 2 years, 12 months ago
This isn't compulsory.shouldn't affect why it isn't working on your phone. However if you're using the 'Stream Viewer Free/Free Stream Viewer' (I can't recall the exact name) for Android the 360p resolutions streams tend not to work (from the app). You can easily change this by pressing it on the bottom and changing it to HD. Hope that was the problem and I helped.
DuhItzDustin 2 years, 12 months ago
Blackhawk77 3 years ago
As a non-american fan I feel like don't get much from this.... a couple entries that'll probably be only available to us and maybe some european citizens (as most contests are). clg most likely won't be doing much coaching in korea and well I don't get ad's where I live. it's funny cause as I don't contribute to ad revenue it would have been cool to give back to clg. But as this offer stands I can't justify it.
Blackhawk77 3 years ago
*feel like I don't.
Kyos Lovah 3 years ago
The main point of this is the streams. If you're a fan and watch a lot of their streams this is a way to support them. The giveaways is a BONUS. It's the entertainment they've been giving us through streams we're supporting by paying this subscription fee (+ no ads but that doesn't apply to you). I've watched CLG streams for so many hours, and for months I had no ad's either just like you - and I don't feel I need the chance to win a Razer headset to give some back to them.
Hercules 3 years ago
CLG stop coming out with cool shit so I can keep my money!!!!!
baiter3g 3 years ago
when is the new razer CLG mouse going to come out anyways?
skydrake 3 years ago
Hey just got the premium. Pretty good for 5 dollar a month lol
RiskX 3 years ago
CLG mouse is the razer mouse right?
Alothe 3 years ago
if i can get 1on1 practice with froggen il buy this for sure!
DuhItzDustin 3 years ago
Cool haha