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Former European titan and Season One Championship winner  Fnatic RaidCall changed their roster for the third time in a short period. What is going on?

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Solid, reliable and stable. Those were all words Fnatic RaidCall were associated with up until now. Yesterday it was revealed that  Patrick "Pheilox" Walpuski has been released from the League of Legends roster. Initially substituting for  Peter "Mellisan" Meisrimel, Pheilox made the transition to being the core support shortly after. Having travelled with Fnatic RC to Anaheim, Jonkoping and the Philippines, the organization left the impression that they had their final line-up for the Season Two Regional Finals ready. 
Pheilox said the following regarding the roster change:
I had a really nice time in FnaticRC and I'm really happy about the people I've met all over the world. But I've also missed my life at home and I have my own wedding at the end of August that I dont want to delay for playing computer games. I can understand that Fnatic can't handle a player that has important real life stuff and who can't go to a LAN event but my girlfriend (soon wife) is the only thing that is more important than Fnatic for me.
I know myself that I'm the safest support out there and that me with LaMia doesn't work that well since LaMia is also a safe player. I will start playing in an other competitive team for sure. Special thanks to my friends and my girlfriend that supported me also it was sometimes hard for them. And special thanks to the players Peke, Cyanide, sOAZ and LaMia. 
There are no consequences for Fnatic RaidCall regarding the Challenger Circuit Standings as there are still three players standing from the line-up that was shown at the Intel Extreme Masters in Kiev. Fnatic has stated on their website that the latest addition to the squad will be announced soon. 

Roster Fnatic Raidcall

Player IGN Role
Posted Image Paul Boyer sOAZ Toplaner
 Lauri Happonen Cyanide Jungler
 Manuel Mildenberger Lamia AD carry
 Enrique Cedeno xPeke AP carry
Source Fnatic


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chaosss55 2 years, 11 months ago
new support will be nrated from millenium he has been playing with fnatic this week. he was also with fnatic in teamspeak where they were going to talk about strategy's.
Vanille 2 years, 11 months ago
That is a rumour but it has not been confirmed. We don't write about speculations, sorry.
Frenzo 2 years, 11 months ago
Maybe the return of Mellisan...