IPL Elites North America
Tournament by birchtree 2 years, 10 months ago

 Team Dignitas came out on top in the first cycle of the IPL Elites, and seven other teams look to keep their title as an Elite in the following cycle.


Taking the $2,000 first place prize,  Team Dignitas, who fit into the tournament because of their early return from Korea, has claimed victory in the first cycle of the IPL Pro League Elites. When  Team SoloMid went to participate in the MLG Summer Arena they were forced to forfeit their third game in the IPL Tournament, creating a tie for third with  Meat Playground 

North American IPL Elites

$2,000  Team Dignitas
$700  Team Dynamic
   Meat Playground
   Team SoloMid
5    CLG Black
5    mTw.NA
5    Ordinance Gaming
5    TSM.Evo

New IPL Challengers

  •  Team Curse
  •  Team Legion
  •  Orbit Gaming
  •  4not
  •  Monomaniac Dominatus
  •  Chuuper's Troopers
  •  Nick Allen is Handsome
  •  Dirtnap Gaming.Panda

Source IGN Pro League



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