The hype is certainly real this time around. Today through Sunday is Riot Games’ 2014 All-Star spectacle in Paris where we’ll have four days worth of international competition to scrutinize over. Similar to last year’s All-Star format, there will be an All-Star Challenge event in addition to team group stages with a winner take all $50,000 prize. Two players with the highest amount of votes for each region were the ones selected to play in the challenge events, and as opposed to the “dream-team” format during last year’s All-Star event (where the community voted for each team member), this year the best team from each respective region were invited to compete in the group stage competition. Despite Counter Logic Gaming missing qualification, the team has plenty of representation in Paris. Whatshould come as no surprise, Doublelift was one of the top two people voted from NA to compete in the challenge competition and will be joined by the other “Team Ice” members - Froggen, MadLife, Archie, CaoMei, and Misaya. Representing Cloud 9 to fill in for Hai during his medical recovery, Link will be joining Balls, Meteos, Sneaky, and LemonNation to compete against the very best international teams.