Counter Logic Gaming Premier Series
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We saw new competitors emerge this past weekend during the League of Legends Season Three Qualifiers. Now, some of these teams will compete with the top seeds from Season Two for $5,000 and an IPL 6 invite in the Counter Logic Gaming Premier Series.


Watch CPS Live Here!


The top sixteen non LCS teams from the North American 5v5 LoL ladder who register by 11:59 PM PST on January 21 will soon participate in the Counter Logic Gaming Premier Series.  Occuring from January 28 to February 3, these teams will be seeded into four groups of four to make a best-of-one double elimination group stage. The remaining eight teams will play in the double elimination Championship bracket in which all best-of-three matches will be streamed on in free HD.

Those who have already registered for this event include  1 Trick Ponies Falafel Gaming Pulse eSports The Salad Bar Cloud 9, and  Azure Gaming Cristopher “MonteCristo” Mykles,  Trevor “Torch” Housten, and  Tom OptimusTom” Searfoss will be casting for us. Find all the rest at WellPlayed. Want to compete? Register here.

UPDATE: The winner of CPS will also now earn entrance into the IPL 6 League of Legends LAN event where they will compete against other teams to earn a spot in the second half of Riot's LCS. Find full details here.

Notable Competitors

 1 Trick Ponies
 Falafel Gaming
 Pulse eSports
 The Salad Bar
 Cloud 9
 Azure Gaming

Group Stage




January 28

January 29

January 30

January 31


Group A Ro4 - 1

Group B Ro4 - 1

Group C Ro4 - 1

Group D Ro4 - 1

Not Streamed

Group A Ro4 - 2

Group B Ro4 - 2

Group C Ro4 - 2

Group D Ro4 - 2


Winner’s Finals

Winner’s Finals

Winner’s Finals

Winner’s Finals

Not Streamed

Loser's Round 1

Loser's Round 1

Loser's Round 1

Loser's Round 1


Loser's Finals

Loser's Finals

Loser's Finals

Loser's Finals


 Cristopher “MonteCristo” Mykles
 Trevor “Torch” Housten
 Tom OptimusTom” Searfoss

Prize Pool

 $2,500 + Invite to IPL 6
 &  $625


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IwillIcan 2 years ago
Cloud 9 gets scammed? Not watching Clg Ps. Bad organization
SuzanSmithe22 2 years ago
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Barajou 2 years ago
Perhaps a second stream with directed camera so people can watch all the games? And maybe add CLG to the casters list?
Mauro 2 years ago
This article is fantastilicious.
Velthered 2 years ago
Cloud 9 was not disbanded? hell yeah!
Harmonic 2 years ago
An idea: have the winner have a show match(?) with CLG?
fedet 2 years ago
We need HotshotNidaleeGG as caster!
sayocean 2 years ago
All CLG players will be casting the tournament
ajcerb 2 years ago
rustrust 2 years ago
@sayocean - isn't this the weekend of IEM Sao Paolo?

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