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Today I’m going to be giving you my thoughts on Razer’s Manticor, which is one of their hard pads. While most gamers use soft pads, like the CLG Goliathus, I prefer and have used hard pads for a long time. I’d previously been using the Razer Ironclad since I’d joined CLG, but wanted to try the Manticor out, so here are my thoughts. Enjoy!


I find it funny that most people put so much emphasis on how well a mouse tracks when ultimately your mouse is only as good as your pad lets it be. This is the primary reason why I have preferred hard pads and love the Manticor. The Manticor has a ridiculously smooth, sandblasted (I don’t really know what’s involved here, but I can tell it works) aluminum surface. Unlike cloth materials, this surface doesn’t fray or get beat up easily over time. Hard pads are much more robust, durable, and easier to clean than soft pads. I also don’t know if there have been any studies around this or not, but I just feel like my mouse tracks more consistently and accurately on a hard pad then a soft pad. It may just be a mental thing, but it’s what works for me. The Manticor is exceptional in this department; I never notice it and always feel completely in control, which is exactly the aim of any good mouse pad.


The only big reason why I like hard pads and the Manticor is the feel of it compared to soft pads. The Manticor is very smooth, and provides very little resistance when compared to soft pads or even other hard pads. The mouse glides effortlessly over the surface, which is not only great for tracking, but also my wrist. Normally, if you play for extended periods of time daily, you’ll see many gamers develop what looks like rug burn at the base of their wrist. This become very irritating and makes playing extremely difficult as you might imagine. There is almost no friction generated by the surface of the Manticor though, so this has never become an issue for me.


The Manticor is my new pad of choice for the reasons stated above. The Manticor offers superior tracking performance and is more comfortable than other products I’ve used. Like I said above, most of you are probably used to using soft pads, and that’s great if yours is working well for you. If any of the advantages I talked about above appeal to you though, I would recommend checking the Manticor out


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Megash 1 year, 10 months ago
fk link u so cute
vanfhimself 1 year, 10 months ago
"It may just be a me(n)tal thing" SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

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