The Improvement of CLG
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Communication and Strategy

Communication is one of the most important components for any team competing, whether it’s traditional sports or eSports. All teams have ways in which they quickly and efficiently convey messages to each other. There are drastic differences between a team that has excellent communication and a team that is only sub-par.
For instance, with Korean teams, most of them barely have any hesitation for any team play making (they…just do it!). Even if sometimes the organized plays of the Koreans do not always have the preferred results, you can still tell that they all have the same goal in mind and are highly coordinated in trying to accomplish it. Where as often in NA, team members will often have different goals in mind, or even if their goals are unified, their paths for trying to accomplish these goals might be consistent.
You can read more of what Bigfatlp has to say here on iBuyPower's website.


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Megash 1 year, 10 months ago
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