A Recap of CLG in Week 8 of the Summer LCS
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Mixed Feelings

Week 8 was a bittersweet round of 3 games, to say the least. Though fans were inevitably disappointed by a rather poor showing on the first day of the action as CLG finished 0-2, we weren't quite prepared to end the week winless and came through with an impressive victory over TSM to cement our 4-0 sweep of our long time rival during this particular split of the LCS. Though CLG's progress has been shakey, the players are confident that they are close to hitting a breakthrough and we are optimistic yet for the upcoming Super Week of the LCS.



vs Coast - Kryptonite [Match Page]

  CLG Bans Coast Bans  
  Riven Tristana  
  Gragas Jayce  
  Zed Twisted Fate  
  CLG Picks Coast Picks  
Doublelift Ezreal Twitch DontMashMe
Chauster Thresh Nami Daydreamin
Bigfatlp Jarvan IV Elise NintendudeX
Link Orianna Ahri Shiptur
Nien Zac Shen ZionSpartan

CLG would begin week 8 of the Summer LCS with their final match against Team Coast, a team that has continuously gained an upper hand on us in our games despite our best efforts. The game's first kill would begin 8 minutes into the game as long distance Elise Cocoon would bind up Link's Orianna and allow Shiptur to charm him as Ahri. Though Link would attempt to get away with Flash, DontMashMe would chase on Twitch, picking up first blood with Expunge, allowing them to knock on the mid turret and increase their map pressure. As Coast would continue to siege on mid, CLG would make the mistake of going in one member at a time while outnumbered. Thresh would flay NintendudeX back, only to be caught in the face with another Cocoon/Charm which would obliterate him instantly dropping CLG to a disappointing 0-2 deficit in the beginning. 

Coast would continue to snowball off their early lead by grouping much better than CLG and abusing the turrets that they had taken earlier to allow Shiptur to continually assassinate CLG members from the sideline. CLG would also make a series of little mistakes such as Jiji overextending during their Dragon attempt. Daydreamin would turn around to hit a pinpoint bubble that would catch Jarvan before he even had the chance to rush away with his Demacian Standard. Though CLG would finally pick up their first kill on NintendudeX in the bottom lane after a long chase, they would lose their small advantage only a few minutes later after getting ambushed in their own jungle. Coast would never give CLG a chance to recover, pushing all their waves, sieging turrets, controlling map vision, and most importantly, winning fight after fight after fight. 38 minutes in a questionable Cataclysm would seperate Bigfat from his team and a great Nami Tidal Wave would rush through the entirety of bot lane allowing Coast to push through to Inhibitor. 

Coast would return to heal after that, moving to the top lane and steamrolling through CLG's turrets unafraid thanks to their hearty item lead which would put a cork on this disappointing and uneventful game for CLG.

vs Vulcun - Just Practicing My Throwing Arm [Match Page]

  CLG Bans Vulcun Bans  
  Ashe Tristana  
  Evelynn Elise  
  Twisted Fate Shen  
  CLG Picks Vulcun Picks  
Doublelift Vayne Twitch Zuna
Chauster Thresh Sona Bloodwater
Bigfatlp Zac Jarvan IV Xmithie
Link Orianna Ahri Mancloud
Nien Vladimir Jayce Sycho Sid
  RESULT  CLG loss  

CLG's match versus Vulcun may have been one of our most disappointing through the last few games played for us at the LCS, though it was an exciting one nonetheless. Nien would bring out Vladimir for this game, a champion that has not seen much competitive use for the last few months, and Bigfatlp would give Zac a go. The game started as many do, with the junglers helping their duo lanes push through the lane turrets early on, neutralizing the early game and forcing many of them to play passive with the towers down. First blood would not occur until 8 minutes in after a 2 man gank from Zuna and Xmithie onto Nien, picking up a kill after for Zuna's Twitch after a near turnaround from Nien. Bigfatlp would return the favor a minute later with a fantastic bounce onto Mancloud after an Orianna shockwave, allowing Link to even up the score at a kill apiece.  Bigfat would continue to land excellent bounce/shockwave combos from a long distance even as CLG sieged Vulcun's turret.

20 minutes in, Doublelifts true prowess and title of best NA ADC would be put to the test as a sneaky Final Hour tumble from Doublelift would actually allow him to initiate a 1v2 onto Sycho Sid's Jayce and Bloodwater's Sona. Though it seemed like Doublelift had picked a poor fight from the beginning, incredible kiting and an excellent flash that dodged the Sona Crescendo would allow him to secure an amazing double kill for himself. CLG would win another seemingly impossible fight at their mid inhibitor turret 22 minutes in after yet another Bigfatlp/Link combo, securing them a 6-3 lead. While Zac bounces had put them far ahead, however, they were equally prone to easily losing CLG a fight. A poor jump into all 5 members 29 minutes in would only cripple Bigfatlp and place CLG in a horrible position as Vulcun would charge through Jayce's Acceleration Gate to push down one of CLG's two Nexus turrets, backing up safely after.

The last fight at Baron would end CLG's hopes as Bigfat would get caught out again after a questionable bounce and would die before the team fight even started. Vulcun would move in as CLG attempted to engage and though Vladimir landed a 4-man Hemoplague, CLG would be nothing without their tank, leaving only Chauster alive at the end of the fight and allowing Vulcun to make an impressive turn around and end the game by the 30 minute mark. 

vs TSM - A Redeeming Ending [Match Page]

  CLG Bans TSM Bans  
  Rumble Twisted Fate  
  Zed Elise  
  Shen NO BAN  
  CLG Picks TSM Picks  
Doublelift Ezreal Graves WildTurtle
Chauster Thresh Sona Xpecial
Bigfatlp Nocturne Zac TheOddOne
Link Ahri Kassadin Reginald
Nien Malphite Jayce Dyrus

Any long time CLG fan will tell you that our matches against TSM are the greatest to watch. Since the beginning of season 1, CLG and TSM have had a fierce rivalry that has led them on a series of well anticipated and well played matches. Though none have ever seen to gain a sizeable advantage over the other, our 3-0 record against the team in the Summer LCS has led to amazing hype surrounding game four, the last of their series. The game started off quick with players securing comfortable picks and hardy team compositions. Though Chauster's Thresh has suffered much criticism from the eyes of the public, he would show them wrong, picking up first blood on WildTurtle 4 minutes in after a lengthy duel between the CLG duo against Xpecial and WildTurtle. 

The next ten minutes would be a back and forth tug of wasted summoner spells and carefully timed ganks that unfortunately yielded no results for either team. TheOddOne would spend a considerable amount of time camping the top lane with Dyrus' Jayce, but the pair would be unable to punish Nien's resilient Malphite who would receive enough support from Bigfatlp's Nocturne that the top could have also been considered a 2v2 early. TSM would even up the kill score at 1-1 fourteen minutes in after a 3 man gank on Link's Ahri caught him out in an awkward choke near his wraiths. Nien would teleport in to try to help Bigfat though he would feed a kill to Reginald's Kassadin after securing one of his own on Dyrus. 

The game would pick up a lot more speed during the first major team fight 20 minutes in as CLG pushed in on TSM's inner turret. A good engage from TheOddOne on Zac would throw the CLG team out of position and allow them to quickly drop down Chauster, but a great teleport and Unstoppable Force from Nien would allow CLG to turn, giving ample space and time for Doublelift to dish out damage in the back lines. The fight would end in CLG's favor as they put themselves 1 kill up at 6-5. The fight, however, would give Doublelift 2 of his 3 kills and his already superior CS would allow him to accumulate a significant item advantage over any other player. From that point on, CLG would take complete control of TSM's jungle and repeatedly catch out TSM players and abuse their lead even more thanks to pinpoint hooks by Chauster this game.

CLG would seemingly secure the game around 34 minutes in after catching out TheOddOne yet again and beginning Baron. Though TSM would attempt to engage on the team to deny them Baron Nashor, CLG would continue to dominate fights by keeping Doublelift alive. The Man of Steel would chase Xpecial, Reginald, and WildTurtle through his jungle including a fantastic blind Arcane Shift / Mystic Shot to kill WildTurtle. As TSM seemingly fell to shambles after, CLG would push through mid, winning their final team fight 40 minutes in to secure their well-earned sweep against TSM.


Our Week 8 CLG Player of the Week 


Doublelift stepped up pretty well this week. Not sure how much of it was monte's influence; but we didn't see a doublelift in bottom lane whilst the enemy takes baron (first time I've seen that) and also his mechanics were amazing both games. " - Ungaa


CLG Content for Week 8

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dat reginald pic laf
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LOL, them pics :)
TheKingslayer 1 year, 9 months ago
Nice write up once again! (I don't read the ones for loses though because it pains me +_+). Man when Chauster got that first blood I was so pumped!
Yeshua 1 year, 9 months ago
CLG 4 TSM 0 I am content regardless of how the season ends up. ;)
diox990 1 year, 9 months ago
Chauster did great in the match against TSM, even if a 0/2 on the first day was indeed dissapointing, I'm glad that we could defeat TSM once more :) on other news, I would like to see more information about Nydushermain now that he is a sub on CLG, about what are the plans for him, Chauster because he is the current support, are they going to put him in another lane position, or simply more info about him so we know a bit more about what to expect :)