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I recently sat down to have a chat with Philip "NydusHerMain" Sohn, the new sub player for CLG and the primary Support player for the team To Be Determined (competing in the Mobafire Challenger Series). We had a chance to discuss his introduction into League and professional eSports and his opinions on supporting in the current meta.



Before we begin the interview and to the members of the community who might not have heard of you, could you give a brief introduction to yourself and how you got into competitive eSports?

My hobbies include cuticle care and watching the E! Network. I got into competitive eSports when I saw my white friend in bronze league playing Starcraft 2 and it genuinely pissed me off so I bought the game on the same day. At first, I wanted to just play it casually, and rub it in my white friend's face that he was bad but my Korean blood had other plans. At one moment, I'm just laughing, having a good time in gold league, next thing you know, I'm calling people noobs climbing up to grand master. I don't know what happened.

You're currently competing in the Mobafire Challenger Series Tournament with To Be Determined. What's it like playing with those guys? 
HeavenTime is funny, Robert's too short, Arthelon's too tall, and Westrice is just right.
The tournament is intended to allow some up and coming teams promote themselves and get a taste of competitive gaming in those hopes of reaching the LCS in its coming seasons. Do you think there are any teams or players with some fresh talent worthy of competing with the big names of the LCS right now? 
Jdwu, Nubby, and Scubachris caught my eye. I think they're very talented in their positions but I think they'd be better tops.

What would you say led you to picking support as your main role? Is it one you really enjoy and how do you go about improving the finesse of your play on a day to day basis?

I'm pretty much a girl. Improve by buying wards and practicing mechanics by playing solo lanes. 

Having played so much as support, what would you say an experienced or pro support player does that seperates him or her from your average player?

A good support treats his ADC just like a daddy would treat his son. I'm supposed to be watching for any hazardous objects and if my baby tries to eat it, it's my job to call him trash and keep him safe. If some gang member tries to kidnap my baby, I'm supposed to slap them away.

So one of the major complaints about supporting right now is the lack of itemization used by supports. Though Riot introduced items such as Shard of True Ice or Mikael's Crucible, we never see supports advance much past a Ruby Sightstone because of the sheer volume of wards they are forced to purchase. Do you think this is an issue and support has become perhaps stale with the amount of items available?

I somehow always manage to buy a crucible so I'm not too sure about the lack of itemization for supports. For the most part, I think it could be attributed to players being extremely greedy and not helping a poor girl out with ward coverage. We shouldn't be the only ones buying them :(

We see supports favoring the Ruby Sightstone early because of the health perk along with the wards. Do you think that gp5's like Philosopher's Stone are completely outdated now? 

They aren't outdated but with how ward centric supports are in NA and how quickly rotations occur, there's a larger need for quicker ward purchases on supports as opposed to gp10s. For the most part, items need to be very cost effective the moment they are purchased in the current meta and the stats given by gp10s aren't very desirable for the costs.

Seeing as you've played in a good amount of pro teams for League and with many different carries, what would you say are the qualities you look for or find the most important in the ADC you share your lane with? 

They can't be too heavy otherwise I can't carry them properly. I like my AD carries like I like my boys... lean and mean. *glances at kelby*

In recent times we've also seen supports switch from the common Flash/Exhaust summoner combo to Ignite or even sometimes Heal as players have seen you and LemonNation use. What situations call for which summoners? Do certain heroes excel with a Ignite or Heal more than others or does each support have the potential to utilize any summoner based on team comp?

For the most part, I take heal over exhaust when the enemy team has high dps champions that are hard for me to get in exhaust range of. For example, me taking exhaust versus a rumble as janna would be very ineffective. Whether or not I take ignite is just based on kill potential and whether or not I think I will need a defensive summoner late game.

Recently, Riot removed Runic Bulwark from the game and changed the recipe of Locket of the Iron Solari so that it now builds out of Aegis of the Legion. How has this changed competitive gameplay and do you think this was an effective or necessary change?
Not many tournament matches have occurred since the locket change so I'm not completely sure how gameplay has changed however, I do believe that double AP comps will become more prevalent since people are now forced to build defensive items for themselves rather than having one aura item on the jungler. I don't believe the change was necessary but I do think that it will be effective in giving junglers quicker and more personal stats.
Quick Fire Questions
Favorite Movie Scott Pilgrim
Favorite Champion Zyra
Favorite Song Brother (Matt Corby)
Do you play Dungeons and Dragons (from Chris) No :( I'm from Canada
Hobbies? Counterstrike, SC2, DoTA 2, League
Favorite LCS Team CLG (it was a test)
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Cookies n' Cream


Thanks again for your time Nydus, good luck with the Mobafire tournament and we hope to keep you on hand for sub! 



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ajcerb 1 year, 10 months ago
Really awesome.
Tybar 1 year, 10 months ago
Lol Dungeons and Dragons? What an odd question.
WooshingWaffles 1 year, 10 months ago
If you guys like Nydus please check out his stream!
oogooboogoo 1 year, 10 months ago
HAHAHAHHAH i love this guy
itsSlicer 1 year, 10 months ago
THIS TROLL! I asked Jeff to ask him if he played PUZZLE AND DRAGONS. T___T
TasteMyUMP 1 year, 10 months ago
TasteMyUMP 1 year, 10 months ago
I'm sorry bby
papalouie27 1 year, 10 months ago
This is hilarious.

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