CLG Week 9 Summer LCS Coverage/Preview
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Week 9 Summer LCS Preview/Coverage
We’re now at week 9 of the summer split of LCS and Counter Logic Gaming is currently sandwiched in a three-way tie for 3rd place (with TSM and Dignitas). While Cloud 9 has officially locked 1st place for the split, every other team is looking to put themselves in the best position possible going into the final week 10 of LCS for the NA Regionals at PAX. 
CLG probably more so than the other teams, since the other 3rd place contenders have all made significant strides to overcome their losing streaks (particularly Dig and Crs). Week 9 is a super week, with games played this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday against Coast, C9, Velocity, Crs, and Dig respectively. If CLG drops too far in the rankings, by the time NA Regionals comes around next week, there is a distinct possibility that CLG may not qualify for playoffs, let alone Season 3 Worlds.
Wednesday has only one goal in mind: beat Coast. Despite Coast being in an underwhelming 7th place spot, Doublelift has stated in interviews before that the team just seems to be CLG’s kryptonite, and the stats seems to prove such. While it appears that laning phase have tended to go in CLG’s favor in the past, the unorthodox play style and comps of Coast make it admittedly hard to plan against, especially if CLG doesn’t get their way by taking games into the super late-game. The key to beating Coast here can be as simple as out drafting them in champ select, denying ZionSpartan crucial picks should be a priority. Beyond that, keeping Nintendudex from snowballing out of the jungle is also a big step towards making the game go how CLG likes it. 
On Thursday, CLG is up against C9 first, then Velocity. While C9 technically has nothing to worry about in terms of a drop in rank, CLG is going to need every win they can get, and a victory against C9 (whom 1 of their 2 losses is against CLG) will be a sure morale booster going through the rest of week 9. Link believes C9 is predictable and Chauster thinks the biggest threat when playing against them is themselves, so a C9 win is definitely doable so long as the team keeps a leveled head. Velocity on the other hand is a special case considering they are the last place team that CLG somehow hasn’t been able to get a win against. There’s really nothing to say here other than if CLG doesn’t make a crucial mistake in the early/mid game, this SHOULD be a free win. This hasn’t been the case so far, but CLG can’t afford another loss, especially to Velocity.
Closing out the week on Friday is games against Crs then Dig. CLG definitely has Crs’ number in terms of win/loss this split, but Crs has made drastic improvements in their game since their suffering record earlier, but hopefully the previous confidence against them is more than enough for a victory. Last but not least is Dignitas, also coming back from a less than stellar record and also another team that CLG has consistently dominated in the past. Assuming that CLG gets some convincing wins in the previous 2 days, wins against both Crs and Dig should be guaranteed.
Date Opponent
8/14/2013 vs  Team Coast 1PM 4PM
8/15/2013 vs  Cloud 9 1PM 4PM
8/15/2013 vs  Velocity Esports 5PM 8PM
8/16/2013 vs  Team Curse 4PM 7PM
8/16/2013 vs  Team Dignitas 6PM  9PM


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This Weeks Interviews:


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