A Recap of CLG in Week 9 of the Summer LCS
Tournament by itsSlicer 1 year, 9 months ago

Not Quite The End We Were Looking For

It really wasn't. But the week was not as bad as it felt. Going over the games again, it is clear that we are picking and banning correctly. We are also executing the early game relatively well compared to the teams we faced. Every loss can be attributed to mis-positioning in a teamfight, whether it is an individual or a group mistake. All the games were even up until past the twenty-five minute mark. Hopefully in the two-week period before playoffs, our team will shore up their weaknesses and come out strong.

vs Team Coast [Match Page]

CLG’s first game of the Super Week against Team Coast was a necessary win for CLG who desperately needed every single victory possible to ensure a third place finish behind C9 and Vulcun and to prevent themselves from being swept in the series versus Coast. Though many expected a tense match against the lower seeded teams that tend to be kryptonite for us, CLG would surprisingly breeze through their game. Link’s Ahri made tremendous plays, cutting through Coast’s defensive line to assassinate DontMashMe and Daydreamin with ease while Chauster scoffed at earlier jabs at his Thresh play by hitting nearly every hook. At the end, CLG would cleanly finish a game against one of their toughest opponents the entire season.

Time    Highlights
8:00   Great Chauster Thresh hook allows Doublelift to engage on NintendudeX’s Nasus while dueling Zionspartan on Rumble. Though Doublelift eventuall falls, he also secures first blood and a double kill for himself.
14:00   Coast picks up dragon after a low CLG decides to forego the objective in favor of pushing mid turret.


Coast moves in on CLG, but poor positioning allows Nien, Bigfatlp, and Link to turn and engage, nabbing CLG a 3-0 kill trade.

20:00   CLG heavily infiltrates and wards Coast’s jungle, giving them free reign to take the third dragon of the game
27:00   CLG catches a warding Daydreamin and secures another kill on NintendudeX as well, allowing them to pick up an uncontested baron.
31:00   CLG begins a long and slow push that eventually allows them to pick up inhibitor turrets for all three lanes. Granted, this took them a few recalls and roughly ten minutes of stalling.
45:00   CLG finally dives in on a Coast content at turtling at their mid inhibitor and through superior team composition and their tremendous gold lead, finishing off Coast at the nexus forty-one minutes into the game.

vs Cloud 9 [Match Page]

The game was close for nearly the entirety of the match. A costly mistake from Doublelift however, snowballed the game in Cloud 9's favor. When given the opportunity, Cloud 9 does not ask for permission; they take everything they can. Using the advantage gained from a single uncontested baron from a won teamfight, Cloud 9 was able to change a non-existing gold lead into an 8k gold lead and another uncontested Baron. It was disheartening to see CLG play so well, only to see their hard work fall apart so quickly.

Time    Highlights
3:53   Doublelift, Bigfatlp, and Chauster pull off an incredibly well executed dive, Doublelift picks up a kill on both Balls and Meteos. Hai roamed bot at the same time to snipe Bigfatlp.
CLG starts dragon while C9 initiates with Crystal Arrow. Bigfat smites it successfully, but CLG loses Nien and Chauster in the process.
13:15   Link and Nien engage on Hai, Link dies in the process. Nien dies shortly after in another counter engage from C9.
19:15   Great barrier bait from Doublelift against Hai.
19:50   Doublelift gets baited himself with Balls ulting Hai shortly after.




The game breaks open as Doublelift gets caught by Meteos. CLG lose the teamfight, Baron, and control of the game.

33:45   By this point C9 had taken full control of the map as they take Baron for the second time uncontested with an 8k gold lead.
36:10   Sneaky misses his arrow while sieging the middle inhibitor turret. C9 goes in anyway, dominates the teamfight, losing only Balls. They make short work of the nexus.

vs Velocity eSports [Match Page]

An unfortunate defeat against in their first game of day two of the Super Week rattled CLG’s bones as they struggled to gain composure against Velocity eSports - another team that has trudged across the season at the lower end of the ladder yet has stolen many of their victories against us. Velocity, with nothing left to lose, would spice up the game with an unconventional Viktor pick from Ecco and an AD Kennen from MapleStreet. Although CLG would eventually close out the long and back-and-forth game, there were  numerous occasions where poor positioning from CLG and massive hooks from Evaniskus seemed to give Velocity a chance at closing out the game. 

Time    Highlights
3:00   Excellent flay and hook by Chauster allows for a three-man first blood on Cris’s Shen thanks to help from Bigfatlp’s Sejuani jungle.
7:00   Velocity returns with an uncontested two kills after a great flank from NK Inc’s Evelynn. As CLG attempts to escape, a flash hook from Evaniskus would deny Chauster’s attempt at escape.
12:00   A great Evaniskus hook secures another kill onto Chauster while Bigfat retaliates by securing Link a kill on Ecco mid.
20:00   A failed blue steal from Velocity results in a great engagement from Nien’s Zac and allows for CLG to engage and bring the kill score to a more even 4-5.
23:00   Both teams return for a chaotic fight at dragon. Though CLG seemed to gain the upper hand at first with a one-for-two trade, unnecessary aggression would allow Ecco to turn around and kill a chasing Nien and Doublelift.


Both teams just can’t seem to get enough of dragon fights, returning yet another time to compete over the objective. This time, a great Orianna ult would allow CLG to capitalize on Velocity’s lack of ults and poor position to this time ace Velocity.

33:00   Velocity grabs a nearly uncontested baron. Though Link, Bigfat, and Nien go in to stop them, their efforts are met by a brick wall and they can only escape after Link is instantly burst down.
42:00   CLG rushes baron after an even team fight and the teams are tense at even now with only a 19 Velocity - 17 CLG kill score.
43:00   Velocity makes a costly mistake by sending both Cris and NK Inc bot lane to push as CLG groups and goes down mid. NK Inc would be forced into a poor engage after butting heads with Bigfat and Doublelift, well protected behind his team, would completely melt down Velocity and score the victory for his team.

vs Team Curse [Match Page]

CLG played extremely well once again, giving Curse a run for their money in a back-and-forth game. Whenever things seemed to look like the game would snowball in Curse's favor, CLG answered back with an equal number of kills minutes later. The cominbation of Amumu and Zac locked down CLG in the last few teamfights however. Lack of teamfight positioning led to the demise of our team in this game.

Time    Highlights
1:00   Pretty fun level-one of hide-and-go-seek. Does not amount to much for either team however as they trade blue buffs.
5:30   Close call for Doublelift and Chauster as Nyjacky ganks during a 2 v 2 skirmish.
6:00   Bigfatlp's anti-dive mechanics unfortunately do not work this time around as Cop and EdWard pick up first blood.
9:42   Bigfatlp takes revenge with a sucessful gank on Curse's duo-lane, giving Nien and himself kills.
17:30   Curse starts dragon, CLG tries to engage and Doublelift gets taken out immediately - giving Curse a 3-for-2 advantage in kills and a dragon.


A teamfight breaks out ending horribly close as Curse gets four kills for one death. Every remaining Curse member living with a sliver of health.



CLG answers in kind, creating a 3-for-2 advantage due to an unwise top inhibitor tower dive by Curse.

33:00   Curse just has too much team-fight pressure as CLG gives up the middle tower and inhibitor. Curse follows up by rotating top, winning the ensuing teamfight, and the game with it.

vs Dignitas [Match Page]

We had the right idea, but went a little overboard as our team stacked armor like no tomorrow against a full attack damage Dignitas composition. In exchange, the team could not deal enough damage during teamfights due to the early armor stacking. The timely initiates from Dignitas also played a large factor in CLG's loss this game. Patoy and Scarra overwhelmed the team with great ultimates throughout the entire game, giving Dignitas a well-deserved victory.

Time    Highlights
9:15   After an extremely slow start, Chauster lands a hook on Crumbz and sends Dark Passage to Doublelift, all while Nien teleports to eventually pick up the first blood.


CLG attempts to do dragon but gets caught out by a beautiful mandrop from Scarra. Dignitas gets two kills and the dragon.

14:26   Bigfatlp and Nien engage on Crumbz, only to find themselves mandropped on. CLG comes out with a kill on Crumbz, but lose Nien and Link in the process.


CLG catches Dignitas at their own blue. Great picks and a Malphite ult setup three kills and a dragon.



Another fight at dragon, another loss for CLG. Patoy's ultimate locked up Doublelift leading to four kills for one in Dignitas' favor. This fight leads to a free baron that swings the tide of the game.

37:30   Pressing their advantage, Dignitas takes the bottom inhibitor turret.
39:09   Dignitas dive CLG's tier two top tower. The fight looked like it would be in CLG's favor but another Patoy ult catches four CLG members. Dig wins the fight and the game.

vs Dignitas [VoD]

In a bid for fifth place, where the prize would be favorable playoff seeding, things just fell apart. CLG, as if it was a throwback to earlier days, regressed into their tried and true method of putting Doublelift on a hyper carry with Bigfatlp playing a low-farm high-health frontline champion and hoped that Doublelift could stay alive long enough to deal a sufficient amount of damage. Unfortunately, Dignitas had other plans. This game's MVP, and what may be a unanimous decision was Crumbz. Crumbz made a very strong Evelynn showing, diving towers,  assassinating carries, dodging vision and being an overall menace to the CLG lineup. Crumbz's repeated ganks onto Nien lead to a very large experience difference between the two top laners, Kiwikid on Zac was left to do as he pleased, roaming and initiating without worry. 

Time    Highlights
3:30   Dignitas expertly picks up first blood on Nien bottom lane with a well executed three man tower dive. Crumbz evaded Nien's vision by walking around the entire blue buff wall between the Outer and Inner turret.
8:30   Crumbz is caught out by Bigfatlp in CLG's jungle shortly after stealing a blue buff, Nien picks up a kill and afformentioned blue buff.
11:30   A gank from Crumbz backfires by a successful countergank from Bigfatlp, simultaneously, Nien loses his life in a 1v1 brawl top lane to Kiwikid's Zac.
13:30   Nien falls to another successful gank by Crumbzz's Evelynn, shortly after Dignitas regroups and takes the first Dragon of the game.
18:30   Nien dies yet again to another Crumbzz tower dive to Dignitas, futher increasing the level disparity between Elise and Zac.


As Doublelift is splitpushing top lane to Dignitas's Inner Turret, Dignitas sees this and decides that this is the perfect time to engage and pickup three uncontested kills in an extended series of tower dives in the middle lane. Dignitas utilizing Zac's E into ultimate combo to pick off those defending the Outer turret.

24:00   Members of CLG are picked off one after another, with Doublelift being caught out in his own jungle, Nien being dove for the umpteenth time top lane by Zac and Eve, and Link falls to three members of Dignitas as he desperately tries to gain CLG some map control in a split push bottom lane.
31:30   Dignitas, not wanting to throw the game waits it out and picks up Baron buff, in a well coordinated lane push they manage to take down the bottom lane Inhibitor, then rotating mid and engaging in the last teamfight of the game in which they aced CLG and moved onto the nexus.
32:30   Dignitas then rotates mid and engages the last teamfight of the game, in which they aced CLG and proceed to destroy the nexus. 

Our Week 9 Player of the Week

" Link has proven that he can consistently carry CLG even when Doublelift is having a bad day, although the game was sloppy he definitely carried in the game against Velocity. " - asdfg




Contributing Writers: TasteMyUmp and Tybar


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Mialee 1 year, 9 months ago
bad results, nice recap...
420MLG360NOSCOPE 1 year, 9 months ago
I refer to this GosuGamers link in my feedback: http://www.gosugamers.net/lol/news/24898-lpl-week-2-ends-omg-lead-the-charge Warning at the very top of the article providing vods for those who want spoiler-free links.(gosugamers) Pop-out draft/bans (doesn't get in way of recap) (gosugamers) Standings at bottom (gosugamers) Play more with Match titles > vs Team Coast: CLG's Kryptonite (and write preview accordingly) Rename Events to Highlights Shorten the length of the recap. Maybe by forcing yourself to pick out 6 highlights and 2 screenshots for every game. (makes every match seem equally important and looks cleaner imo) Make screenshots larger (easier to see) Embed Vods (gosugamers)
420MLG360NOSCOPE 1 year, 9 months ago
wow i had this cleanly formatted, and then i hit submit and got this. GG....WHYYYY!!
itsSlicer 1 year, 9 months ago
You can right click the images to make them larger. I just forgot to add the match titles this time around. We've had them around for a while. Unfortunately, we can't embed videos or make popouts (Vodoo very busy). I do include the match page for VoDs and Stats however. Will try to be more consistent with the highlights and screenshots.
itsSlicer 1 year, 9 months ago
Hey everyone, we took your feedback. Made things more digestible and added pictures. How do you guys like it now? I had to remove the picks and bans as there really wasn't any place to put them. You can always go to the match page for endgame stats and VoDs to see.
TsiRoGa 1 year, 9 months ago
The last couple of games broke my heart as a CLG fan. Let's stomp TSM to wash away the pain! <3

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