CLG to Bootcamp in Korea with MonteCristo
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Most of the community and spectators of NA LCS know by now that Counter Logic Gaming have not been performing at the ability the players have worked so hard to achieve during this Summer Split. After back to back 0-2 LCS weeks and previous inconsistent performances, the team and management have considered various methods and solutions to remedy the situation before the World Championships.


As of right now, it is time for Seraph to renew his visa so he can continue living in the United States with the team. In order to do this, Seraph will have to go back to Korea so he can complete this process by August 1st. It is important to note that Seraph’s new P1-A athlete visa is already approved, but in order to avoid further legal complications, he can’t overstay in the country with his current visa. Resulting from those facts, Seraph needing to finalize everything in Korea is still required.


With those factors in mind, the CLG players and management have decided the best course of action moving forward is to send the whole team to Korea this week and bootcamp with coach MonteCristo. The team will be staying with Monte and continually scrimming against the top Korean teams. The team noticed a substantial improvement in performance and communication the last time Monte was in their presence, so this will be a great bonding experience for the team to replicate that success in a new environment. During their stay, iBUYPOWER will also be sending the players custom Revolt PC systems in order to have optimal equipment to play on while they bootcamp.


Needless to say, the full CLG roster will not be performing during NA LCS Week 11 (super week). No matter the team’s results, CLG’s placement for playoffs are relatively secure. Irrelevant to the decision to bootcamp in Korea, Seraph would have been absent from all four games this week anyway. By leaving now, the team will have almost a full extra week in Korea, which is crucial under the limited time they have available. Due to the team being in unanimous decision that their absence from Week 11 LCS will not jeopardize their performance during playoffs, this trip is a terrific chance to give the players the preparation and training needed to successfully qualify for Worlds. Playing against the best teams in the world and having direct access to MonteCristo will be invaluable for this goal.


As for the matter of what will happen to CLG during Week 11, the team will be using a 5-man substitute roster in their Super Week games against Dignitas, Evil Geniuses, compLexity, and Cloud 9. The substitute roster is as follows:


Top - Nien

Mid - HotshotGG

Jungle - ThinkCard

Marksman - Chaox

Support - Kon Kwon


Using Nien and Hotshot as subs was an easy choice considering their previous tenure as starting LCS players with CLG. ThinkCard is a top Challenger player and also has LCS experience with his stay on Evil Geniuses. The Chaox choice may come as a surprise to most, but the team currently considers him to be the best free agent player of the position, and obviously Chaox brings a lot of professional experience with him from Team Solomid and as a coach for Team Coast. Kon Kwon is the roommate of ThinkCard and another top Challenger player that will round out CLG’s temporary LCS team.


Everything being done here are within Riot Games’ LCS rules and has already been approved.


To our supportive fans, we are aware this is probably a lot to take in right away, but we ask you to please continue your support and look forward to a new and improved CLG roster after the bootcamp. The best interest of the players and the success of CLG at Worlds will always take priority, and there is an agreement from everyone here that this is the best course of action under the circumstances. This Korean bootcamp plan is a unique opportunity for CLG to have a significant advantage over the other NA teams, and you can count on the fact that every player will be using this time to focus on in-game improvement, team synergy, and becoming the best team possible.


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AsianGiraffe 11 months ago
lucky7ok 11 months, 1 week ago
Do you have an account you practice in Korea server? If you do not have one you can borrow it [email protected] Chauster ever lent to the former's
Elskuz 11 months, 1 week ago
4-0 super week incomming Kappa
ChrisSmith 11 months ago
LOL it pretty much went as expected this weekend...
TheGreatAxio 11 months, 1 week ago
<3 NIEN I LOVE YOU. There goes my completely clg fantasy team. and I can't wait for clg to be number 1 in NA. This is great! Knowing that CLG's spot in the ladder is secure, it will be great fun watching how these Challenger Players (and a few veterans) preform against the likes of C9 and DIG. Who knows they might go 4-0 :D
Vejtheguy 11 months, 1 week ago
HOLY FK! This is awesome! So hyped for the weekend! And super glad to see the team deciding to go to Korea and get some much needed practice time with Monte.
pieman1607 11 months, 1 week ago
I am glad to know that steps are being taken to give CLG an edge in playoffs and at worlds. Scrimming with Korea's best is something no other NA team can match, despite everybody's close attention to whatever Faker picks. While it is less likely to happen now, remember CLG's last bootcamp in Korea: Other NA teams (FreeSM) were able to gain momentum and made the bootcamp seem ineffective, at least to the fans back home. Perhaps to better build up the hype we could get some tweets or vods of CLG toppling the Korean giants?
Asukami 11 months, 1 week ago
I like this idea. I dont want to be offensive but: I am a big CLG fan and i used to watch every game because i loved to see CLG playing. In there losing time as in there winning time. But the last weeks were very very frustrating for me. Because i even lost the fun in watching CLG playing. Why? I dont know i kinda feeled like they lost there games by champion selection and other things.. Its so frustrating to see such good player losing games w/o the chance to perform well. they were kinda fucked every game, befor it started except that LMQ game. I know my Opinion matters nothing, but im very happy to see that CLG doesnt give up. I just want to see them again having fun. GL!
Cloudsouth 11 months, 1 week ago
Ever since I heard Monte mention this in summoning insight I was hoping this would happen!! It's a superb Idea, the team being replaced by a sub team for 1 super week will not damage them, they have good replacements, in the mean time the main crew being with Monte and bootcamping in Korea will give them a bigger edge than any other team in the LCS! if this plan doesn't work then nothing will, excellent move by CLG.
masonisawesome 11 months, 1 week ago
Haha, just like Locodoco tweeted the other day and MonteCristo said TSM support change was desperate. I completely think that while Riot can't do anything since it isn't against LCS rules that after this season they will change the rules so teams can't do this. If they didn't then next summer season teams could just go hard in the beginning of the split and once they win enough games to guarantee them a playoff spot then they could just sub in a b team and send the main roster to boot camp in Korea like CLG is doing. TSM and C9 still going to be top 2 after playoffs IMO.
W1114 11 months, 1 week ago
I personally see this as a desperate thing to do. If CLG makes world because they come out of their slump doing this, then what kind of picture would this paint for the LCS season? It would make the season look pointless as long as you qualify, so to counter this Riot needs to set up some rules to prevent teams from bootcamping right before worlds.