hi im gosu joins CLG
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We are excited to announce the contracting of North America Challenger "hi im Gosu" to sub for the CLG roster.  He is a well known ADC player and respected player on the North American ladder.

Gosu has this to say about joining CLG:

"I've always been a huge fan of CLG all the way since the beginning. Doublelift and Aphromoo have been a huge inspiration to me. They brought me into the world of eSports. I'm really excited to be working with the organization that I've always looked up to."

We hope you are as excited as we are to have "hi im Gosu" as a part of the team.  Please be sure to give him a warm welcome and check out his social media below.


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legday 8 months ago
Apdo on an NA LCS team... that team would instantly be first place lol
legday 8 months ago
double better not retire... gosu is not on his level i will fking cry and also... can CLG get a B team going? SRS gosu can be the AD for it
Ungaa 8 months ago
We already have gosu and nydus, Now we just need to import apdo, narakyle and changleecopter and we got a team
CornyJoke 8 months ago
I'm getting so tired of these "HI IM GOSU IS GRILL! HI IM GOSU IS DOUBLELIFT XDDDD" posts. It's obvious that it's Hotshot.
reinge 8 months ago
what a god hi im gosu
CodeEC 8 months ago
does this mean that Double is under-performing, or he wants to retire soon ? :(
CornyJoke 8 months ago
TSM signed Nightblue as a sub for a while. Not because they actually needed a sub, but because he pulled ~20k+ viewers every time. This might be the same situation.
NiceTryz 8 months ago
My body is ready
itsSlicer 8 months ago
I managed to get a leak of hi im gosu's picture. Make sure you save it before this post gets deleted. http://i.imgur.com/yEoor35.jpg
Mialee 8 months ago
literally a grill :P
PrimalWBO 8 months ago
hi im doublelift
Mialee 8 months ago
the article should say : He (maybe she) is a well known ADC player and respected player on the North American ladder.
MrNightwish 8 months ago
Does him being a sub do anything..? At all? Nightblue was a tsm sub - aka he had TSM before his stream name and that was literally it.