HyperX is a leading computer product company in the eSports industry with a distinguished reputation amongst the community, and today Counter Logic Gaming is honored to announce HyperX as the new headset sponsor for the CLG League of Legends, Halo, and CS:GO teams.

The CLG players are excited to be using their new HyperX Cloud headsets. The HyperX Clouds are beautifully designed, fit comfortably, and provide outstanding audio and microphone quality. A trusted brand and reliable product are things that our players take seriously, and it cannot be understated how pleased we are with the award winning HyperX Cloud as the official CLG headset.

“Everyone knows Counter Logic Gaming is one of the oldest and most well established gaming organizations in the esports scene. Their brand has built a long-lasting legacy in the industry and has created a professional group of players under their name. We’re excited to be partnered with CLG and are extremely pleased to be able to provide all the teams with our HyperX headsets. We know the teams will represent the HyperX logo proudly and we can’t wait for you guys to see our upcoming video content with the CLG players."

Jennifer Fawn, HyperX eSports & Gaming Marketing Manager

For more information about HyperX Cloud headsets and where you can pick one up for yourself, go check out the HyperX website. - http://www.kingston.com/hyperx

HyperX produces amazing (and often hilarious) content on their YouTube channel. You can expect our players to be featured in new HyperX videos soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to their YouTube channel! - www.youtube.com/hyperx

Go follow HyperX on their Twitter and Facebook and make sure to be on the lookout for some HyperX product giveaways.