One of the most important things to facilitate to any LCS team is a proper support staff where everyone has the necessary resources available to grow as a player. This means that certain tools should be in place to create a proper learning environment where goals can be set, discipline can be maintained, and a constructive team atmosphere can consistently flourish. This summer split of the NA LCS, Counter Logic Gaming has made changes to the support staff of the League of Legends team that will provide the proper structure needed for the team to truly succeed.

After William “Scarra” Li stepped down as coach at the end of last split, the shoes of a new head coach inevitably needed to be filled. It was the mutual decision of the entire CLG organization that it would not be satisfactory to hire the first ex-pro player or scene manager that showed interest in the position. Careful time and consideration was put into finding the right individual that was knowledgeable, authoritative, and prepared to push the mental and physical capabilities of each player.

The new CLG Head Coach will be Chris “Blurred Limes” Ehrenreich. Ehrenreich comes from Clemson University with a well developed amount of experience in coaching, sports management, and athletic leadership. He helped assist coaching Clemson University's NCAA Division I football team and coached and managed sports teams within his community as well. Ehrenreich studied principles of coaching, coaching physiology, and coaching psychology during his time at university. In addition, he is a Diamond level League of Legends player who has been following the competitive scene since Pre-Season One. CLG could not have asked for a more perfectly qualified coach to lead the team.

The team has also decided to add a designated “Strategic Coach” that would be the one to research, coordinate, and decide on picks/bans and in-game strategy. As opposed to the Head Coach, the Strategic Coach will be the one on the LCS stage with the team every weekend helping to make sure the team’s rehearsed strategy gets applied properly and to regulate any changes in team composition or strategy that he sees fit. The Strategic Coach for CLG will be none other than Tony “Zikzlol” Gray, who was solely an analyst previously. Now in his new Strategic Coach role, Gray will still be providing the great analysis he’s known for, but will be able to have a more integral role in developing the strategies for all of CLG’s opponents.

Coach Gray will still function as the main “analyst”, but CLG is currently in the process of hiring additional analysts to help gather data, compose high level metrics, and compile stats from various sources. If you feel like you have the necessary qualifications to be a CLG Analyst, please review the information in this post and apply: CLGHIRING: CLG is looking to expand its staff!

There have already been a lot of changes for CLG this upcoming split. Not only will the players have the challenge of adapting to their new coaching environment, but the coaches will have the weekly challenge of assessing which one of the CLG dual mid laners (Eugene "Pobelter" Park and Jae Hyun "HuHi" Choi) will be played for each LCS match. However, no LCS split is without its challenges and the CLG players and new support staff are ready to prove themselves and achieve success.