Today at Counter Logic Gaming, we are pleased to announce the CLG.CS Red team. Ex-Ubinited CS:GO squad will join forces under CLG Red. CLG Red’s history goes back far in the competitive Counter-Strike scene, founded in 2002 as Gx3 (Girls Got Game) and recently Ubinited. CLG Red has won 6 World Championship titles, 1st Arbalet cup, and in 2015 placed 2nd at Copenhagen Games, 3rd at Katowice Intel Challenge, making them the most accomplished female squad in the world.

I'm so excited to be a part of CLG and cant wait to see where we can take CLG Red. I've been a fan of CLG since I saw Hotshot throwing Nidalee spears on stream and could have never imagined I'd be a part of the family. It's a exciting time for esports, but especially CS:GO and the dream is here baby. CLG FIGHTING!"

Christine "potter" Chi

CS:GO is on the rise and events are increasing in quality and quantity for both the male and female scenes, the future is bright for CS:GO and a new team and division makes sense. CLG Red is a new beginning for both us and this seasoned roster of talented professionals. CLG Red will join the family along with our Blue and Black teams. This means there is potential for a Red team not only in Counter-Strike, but in other games too.

Click on the image below to watch what MissHarvey had to say about joining CLG Red in her first iBUYPOWER vlog:

CLG Red will have their debut performance at ESWC 2015 in Montreal, Canada this upcoming July 9-12th.