Austin "Link" Shin

Austin “Link” Shin has been a member of Counter Logic Gaming for nearly three years. A part of the original CLG Black team, Link and his prowess of the mid lane moved him up to the starting CLG roster where he would compete in CLG’s very first LCS game in the 2013 Spring Split. Not only would he remain as a part of the starting lineup, but he would go on to become one of the best NA mid players - known for his Orianna, Syndra, Twisted Fate, Nidalee, Xerath, and of course mid-Ezreal play.

Today however is the day that CLG must officially announce that Link, effective immediately, will be stepping down from CLG. Critique on Link’s performance the past few splits have not deterred him from striving to be the best player and teammate he can be. He’s worked unbelievably hard to fill multiple roles for the team such as analyst, shot-caller, and drafter while still keeping up his mechanics and champion pool. However, throughout the past month of contemplation and deliberation, Link has made his own decision to step down from his spot as the starting mid laner for CLG.

It has been a huge pleasure working with the CLG organization, especially George. It has given me a lot of fond memories, but unfortunately the time has come for us to part ways. I'll be making a more in depth post on why I'm leaving elsewhere.


Replacing Link’s role as a core member of the team has been a difficult task. After careful consideration, CLG will be adding not just one, but two new mid laners to the starting roster. CLG is happy to announce that Eugene “Pobelter” Park and Jae Hyun “HuHi” Choi will be joining the League of Legends team to create an interchangeable lineup. The decision to add two mid laners was made in order to emulate a larger roster format that is prevalent in the LCK and LPL, as well as to add additional strategic diversity, a better team structure, and more options to use in competitive play.

I have much respect for each CLG member, and am excited for this opportunity to work alongside them. I believe that with the help of CLG's talented coaching staff we can achieve greatness this upcoming split. Thank you to all of my fans as well as CLG's for the support; I will try my hardest!


I think I have finally got to a point where I can show everyone what I am capable of. I’ll never lose this motivation that I have right now and never gain an ego. People might be confused and think that I am a sub and will not probably play for CLG in the LCS but we are going to use two mid laners like SKT T1. I think it can be really good because not only can me and Pobelter discuss a lot about how to play mid and play each other, but also we can take care of each other when one of us gets stressed.


Both players performed well during tryouts and believe they each have their unique strengths that can be utilized in a competitive environment where the meta is constantly changing. Pobelter has been a standout player since his time on Curse in 2011 and considered one of the best North American mid laners throughout his career - which he’s proven during his time on Winterfox. HuHi has only been playing League of Legends competitively for a year, but has shown that he is an LCS caliber player and can grow into one of the best mid laners in the world. The CLG organization and players are eager to see both of them play in the LCS and believe they will provide a level of diversity and talent that will solidify CLG as one of the top teams in North America.

Both Pobelter and HuHi will be living in the CLG gaming house. While Pobelter has already started adjusting to living in the house, HuHi is still in the process of finalizing his visa so he may live and compete in the United States.

It has been an honor having Link as a part of the CLG organization. No matter what he chooses to pursue, the CLG organization will be providing him love and support every step of the way. With Link’s chapter in CLG coming to a close, a new one with both Pobelter and HuHi has begun.