vs Enemy Esports - All Your Towers Are Belong to Us
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It's always nice to have one of those games. CLG shed the burden of an 0-4 losing streak and put on one of the most dominating performances from a team this split against Enemy Esports. ZionSpartan started the ball rolling with three kills onto his lane opponent in the first sixteen minutes of the game. Immediately after his third kill onto Flaresz, he teleported back top to pick up yet another kill and an assist. CLG did not relent and with the help of Doublelift's Explosive Charge, took down towers at incredibly fast rate. If it wasn't for Doublelift being a little too eager to get an extra kill and a reset, CLG would have ended the game cleanly with fifteen kills and zero deaths.

vs Team Dragon Knights - We'll Take It
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What an exciting game and definitely not a heart attack game CLG fans may be used to. Although the team never fully had the game in control from the start, they also never lost control of it. Both teams were furiously trading kills and objectives for the majority of the early and mid-game. The mistakes CLG made were at an individual level, often getting caught out alone or picked off by Ninja's Ahri. When CLG grouped however, the fights just worked in their favor - whether it was they or TDK that initiated the teamfight. There were a few key fights where multiple CLG players came out alive at the end of fights with slivers of health, displaying a good understanding from the team of how to evenly tank damage. With the help of a few consecutive critical auto-attacks from Doublelift's Tristana, CLG brute forced their way to victory.


Photo Credit: Riot Games / flickr