vs Team Liquid - And Just Like That
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CLG finally broke the long losing streak against Team Liquid this past weekend after a slow and measured game. The game was not the most exciting with the low amount of kills, but you could feel the tension whether you were a CLG fan or not. Would CLG finally break the streak and show resilience near the end of a split? Is Team Liquid really an undisputed top two team in North America? CLG kept the game close and generally had the game following their own pace due to early pressure put on Team Liquid's carry, Quas. It was not until a deciding Baron fight where Doublelift picked up three kills amongst resets that CLG was finally able to break open Team Liquid's base for the win.

vs Cloud 9 - Greatest Game Ever (This Split)?
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Comebacks, teamfights, comebacks, and teamfights. This game was a back and forth battle between two teams with incredible engage and disengage - ultimately ending up in a CLG victory. C9 Hai manhandled CLG in the early game with an extremely oppressive Nidalee. Pobelter who was already losing in lane with a small CS deficit, was punished heavily by Hai who prevented him from basing. This ballooned the CS deficit exponentially in C9 Incarnati0n's favor. But CLG did not give up and made aggressive calls to skirmish to get themselves back in the game. Pobelter was able to leave behind his poor early game and make key plays in teamfights. Xmithie used his Explosive Cask to single out C9 targets, Aphromoo showed how Janna could be used offensively, and ZionSpartan was not afraid to use his Slicing Maelstrom to zone away the rest of C9 as he killed Incarnati0n. That said, C9 still performed extremely well throughout the game. Incarnati0n had immaculate Shockwaves that were always on point and would have been considered game changing had Doublelift not managed to either Spellshield or flash away from nearly every single one. An incredible game and a must watch for any LCS fan.

Photo Credit: Riot Games / flickr